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Fernando C
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John H
2nd Place

Dærick G
3rd Place

Susan M
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2013 Season Recaps and Stats

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2012 Game 10

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November 17th, 2012:
Ladies and gentlemen, in an unusual twist, we managed to play our scheduled game, and an additional game, and finish by 11:30. It was a quick paced game, and in usual form, once one person fell, the others fell rather quickly.

This game was for the control of the entire free world. And I felt it only necessary to control the entire game from start to finish. I hit a little stumbling block when it was the final three, but I got back in the groove, played some aggressive poker (and narrowly avoided getting called on hand that would have ended my game) and took the game home, knocking everyone out but Shelby L.

Some notes from the evening:

Janeane W has a mechanism in her brain that allows her to get to the first sopt that will pay her money, and then she shuts down. Tonight, she dreamed of Twilight.

Mike W was playing solid poker until he misread the board, not seeing the flush that was possibly out there, and handing over most of his chips, only to go all in soon after and run into my aces. Lights out for Mike.

Dærick G played like calling meant he'd get a dollar each time, went way down early again, piled up a little bit, and then ran into the machine that was Tim L.

But, in the most memorable event of the evening, absentee drunk John H called in from Vegas, asking where he could get some killer Cincinnati Chili. But, once I told him, he couldn't get off the phone fast enough. Let's see if he actually tried to make a drunken omelette run at 10:00PM.

And that leads me to the final results:

7th place - Dærick, busted by Tim
6th place - Shelby, busted by Fernando C
5th place - Mike, busted by Tim, taking $21 bounty
4th place - Susan, busted by Tim

and the bubble popped there...

3rd place - Janeane ($25), busted by Tim
2nd place - Fernando ($50), busted by Tim

And, the new leader of the free world...

1st place - Tim ($100)

And that, my friends, wraps up the 2012 season for the Come On, Baby! Poker League. See you in January!

2012 Game 9

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October 20th, 2012:
And the October showdown is complete...

We had a modest showing last night, with 7 of us showing up on time and John H coming late, but only missing the first hand.

In what has become a common theme for our games, we went about 3 1/2 hours before we lost anyone, and then we lost 4 people in 30 minutes.

Dærick G is also working on his own theme: go way down early, come back to a modest stack, and then exit the game.

John had a horrible game losing race after race until he was crippled and then he faded away early. Oh wait, that didn't happen at all. In fact, he won two or three big races, including the one that counted the most. So, John, STFU!!

I might have been more frustrated on one hand than I have been on entire games. I was playing solid and making good reads. And, using the knowledge that everyone thinks I bluff 99.9% of the hands I play, I only bluffed ONE time. And it happened to be the wrong time, as John caught a flush and took all my chips.

Credit to Mike W for playing head nurse last night a keeping his mini-stack alive for most of the evening before making moves that put him in the lead late.

And now the results:

8th - Dærick - busted by Mike
7th - Tim L - busted by John
6th - Shelby L - busted by Mike
5th - Alan A - busted by Mike, who picked up the $24 bounty
4th - Susan M - busted by Fernando C

And the bubble popped there.

3rd - Fernando - busted by John (who was also convinced he was drawing dead after hitting top pair on the flop), taking home $40
2nd - Mike - busted by John, taking home $60
1st - John "I always lose a fucking race", taking home $100

I expect to see some shake-ups in the standings!!

To all - we have 1 final game in 2012!! It's your last chance to become eligible to play in the championship game in January!!! Everyone else sits until February!

Changes coming for 2013: more variety of games, a new bounty system, arm wrestling!

Look for the standings to come out soon, and the final invite of the year later in the month!

2012 Game 8

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2012 Game 7

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2012 Game 6

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2012 Game 5

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2012 Game 4

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2012 Game 3

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2012 Game 2

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2012 Game 1

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