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Tim L
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2013 Season Recaps and Stats

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2013 Game 10

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November 16th, 2013:
And the 2013, Come On, Baby! Poker Season comes to a close! A hearty congrats to Susan M, who took the W in the last two games to come from way back to take the title, and get a free roll into the Championship in January. She was also the only 3 game winner, with Tim L, Fernando C and Alec P taking 2 wins each and Mike W rounding it out for the only other win.

Last night's game was full of frustration, and the theme for the night was Aces In The Hole! The problem was, they got cracked, in dramatic fashion, as often as they won. The two best cracks were the the all-in beat Shelby L put on Tim, to knock him out first and take a massive chip lead that she parlayed into a 2nd place finish. Shelby was also involved in the other memorable beat, as she managed to get Susan to lay down aces, when she did not have the best hand. This elicited the rare double F Bomb from Susan when Shelby showed her cards after the fold. Also, it should be noted that Shelby folded aces for no apparent reason a few hands later.

Janeane W did what any good wife should do and exited the tournament shortly after Mike did, so that they could take advantage of their babysitter and go watch Thor again.

Go Big Or Go Home Dærick G defied the odds and finished in the middle of the pack, getting bubbled in this game.

And Tim and Fernando decided that over the last few games that they would do as little as possible to try and take 1st place for the season. Turns out neither would win it, but Tim did a little bit less than Fernando did and lost 2nd place as well. Final standings will be posted shortly. There were some movers and shakers in the standings after this game!

An now, the results of the final league game of 2013

8th Place - Tim, busted by Shelby (It still stings)
7th Place - Mike, busted by Dærick
6th Place - Janeane, busted by Susan
5th Place - Fernando, busted by Shelby
4th Place - Daerick, busted by Susan, taking a $5 bounty
3rd Place - Alec, busted by Susan (after Shelby did the dirty work), taking $30
2nd Place - Shelby, busted by Susan, taking $60 and $10 in bounties.

And First Place for the night, as well as the season, goes to Susan, taking home $110 and $25 in bounties. She also crushed it in the second game, adding insult to injury to those who played.

We also had some bonus points to hand out:

Alec had two Full Houses (2 points)
Susan had a Full House (1 point)
Shelby had a Full house (1 point)

Thanks to Susan for hosting this final game of the season! And thanks to all who played this season! We had a total of 18 different players come to the table at one time or another. Now, we just need to more of us playing at one time!!! 2014 is going to be a good season and I want to see bigger numbers at the tables! New hosts are always welcome, and remember: hosts get a $30 credit for the game!

Those who finished int he top 10 in points will get an invite to the Championship Game in January. 1st Place (Susan) plays free, 2nd Place (Fernando) pays $10, 3rd Place (Tim), pays $20. All others pay $30 to get in and winner takes all with no bounties in play. This game will be played at Dærick's Underground Card Room, so make sure you're free!! Anticipated date is Jan 18th, but that isn't official yet.

2013 Game 9

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October 19th, 2013:
Here we are again, after another thrilling poker game. We expected 11, but settled down to 8 when all was said and done and the cards flew. We also welcomed Jeremiah J to the mix.

This game added 3 new nicknames for Dærick: The Nurse, The Double and Go-Big-Or-Go-Home.

There were plenty of ups and downs in the game. Jeremiah started strong, using the Power of the N00b to take an early chip lead. Then those leads came and went for everyone else at the table. We saw an abundance of aces on the flop, as well as paired 8s. We saw that Mike W was just not going to win a race to save his life, losing 4 that I can recall. He also got counterfeited twice. Despite an infusion of caffeine, all the Go Girl did for Janeane W was make her go. And Daerick managed to frustrate the table by just not going the fuck away!! Dærick was giving chips away, and everyone was REALLY willing to try to take them, but he managed to come back to life 3 times before Jeremiah made it a family affair and knocked him out. Which then started the litany of "come on! make a move! let's see some bold play!" No one likes Dærick.

At some point, Fernando C, Alec P, Mike, and Tim L had the lead, but the boldest of moves was made by Susan M at the end, when she basically decided the game was over when she went from the short stack to the winner in about 5 hands.

Fernando's quad queens helped him gain a few points on Tim, but Tim is still holding on to first place by a hair. With one game to go, can he go wire to wire for the entire season??? Susan made a huge jump from 5th to 3rd. It is possible that Mike, Susan, Fernando or Tim could end up in First after the next game. And maybe even Alec, if he has the game of his life and manages to bust out the other 4 without them placing.

And so, here is how the game shook out last night:

8th Place: Dærick, busted by Jeremiah
7th Place: Janeane, busted by Fernando
6th Place: Jeremiah, busted by Mike
5th Place: Fernando, busted by Mike
4th Place: Tim, busted by Mike

The bubble bursts, leaving the rest in the money.

3rd Place: Mike, busted by Susan, winning $30
2nd Place: Alec, busted by Susan, winning $60
1st Place: Susan, taking home $110

Bonus points for the night:
Fernando - 3 points for quads
Susan - 1 point for a full house on the same hand as Fernando's quads
Jeremiah - 1 point for full house.

A big thanks to Mike and Janeane for hosting this game. Now, keep your calendars clear!! The final game of the season is coming up on November 16th at Susan's Palace. LOTS OF PLACINGS ARE STILL UP IN THE AIR!!! It's even possible for a first-timer to back into the Come On Baby Championship Game!

2013 Game 8

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2013 Game 7

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August 17th, 2013:
We had another good showing last night. We were looking at a possible 14 but when it all settled, we had 10. A solid two tables. We welcomed two new players: Alec and another Tim, who shall be henceforth known as Tim2.

Game changing moment: Mike W had Dærick G down and out and could have put him out of the game. But, Dærick decided to keep a couple chips so he could pretend he was still a viable candidate to win. Nurse Dærick took that little stack, stuck it on his teat and nursed it all the way to a 4th place finish. And, that had implications for my own game. So, screw you Mike.

We had 3 Legendary Hands last night. Tim L had a full house early on. But we had fireworks much later one, when Alec played the board's full house, thinking he was safe and found out the hard way that Mike was holding quad 10s, picking up 3 extra points on one hand alone.

No one really ran away with chips early. Everyone, except Janeane W, and maybe Cooper G (I never saw his stack at all), had the big stack or close to it at some point.

BTW - Janeane - I had the nuts on that hand....

And in the end, this is how things settled:

10th: Janeane, busted by Shelby L
9th: Cooper, busted by Mike
8th: Tim2, busted by Mike
7th: Fernando C, busted by Alec
6th: Gene, busted by Mike
5th: Tim, busted by Dærick (who should have been busted by Mike much sooner)
4th: Dærick, busted by Alec
3rd: Shelby, busted by Alec, earning $30, plus $5 in bounties
2nd: Mike, busted by Alec, earning $85, plus $15 in bounties

Congrats to Alec, who took 1st place, earning $135 for the win and an additional $25 in bounties! But, as Alec was quick to figure out, it's all about pride.

Thanks to all that came out and for making it a good game! Invite for the next game will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled here, or wait for the Evite.

2013 Game 6

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July 20th, 2013:
ok everyone, here's your post-game wrap up from the Rumble in Redondo... after some last minute shuffling in the attendance we ended up with ten players at two tables. we had 6 new players join us this time around as well.

on the board: Dærick G jumped up two slots in rankings by placing 2nd for the night. Tim L managed to *barely* hang on to his 1st place ranking after Fernando C rocked the house by taking 1st for the night. Robert E also moved up a little, stepping away from his tied position with Ben P (who didn't make it out to play this time). New player John K demonstrated he knows what he's doing and handily made his way to the top 3 with eyes set on the prize. Fernando shook his mighty fist and convinced John K that 3rd place would have to be enough. John enters our board in 8th place (out of 16) with 19 points after only one game. if we ever impose a Holy-Shit-Someone-Knock-This-Guy-Out bounty, it is clear who the first candidate for this might be...

newcomer Cooper G felt the bubble burst and took 4th place for the night, and ranking 10th on the board. we also saw great action from our other newcomers Jeremy, Don N, Otto P, and Gene R (including a bunch of Full Houses in showdowns throughout the night).

10th: Gene
9th: Don
8th: Otto
7th: Robert
6th: Jeremy
5th: Tim
4th: Cooper
3rd: John K
2nd: Dærick
1st: Fernando

we have interest form everyone to continue to come play with us, and to make the trip for some games up in West Hills and Simi/Moorpark! next game in August will be at Janeane and Mike W's place.

2013 Game 5

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June 15th, 2013:
We left the treacherous territory of Omaha so that we could head back to the comforts of Texas. It was an intimate group, with only 6 of us showing up to play. And once I remembered that Dærick G wasn't going to be playing, we got down to business.

Last night's theme was Taking A Walk! In a typical game, we may see one or two uncontested walks before we get down to 3 players. In last night's game we saw easily 12 or them. In addition to that, we saw a lot of hands shown down where either a straight or full house was beaten by the larger one. I was personally on both ends of the full house battle.

There weren't a lot of highlights last night, save for one: Janeane W's very comical brain fart. Holding a hand that she desperately wanted action on, she threw out her five chips to call, only to see everyone fold quickly after her. Confused, and angry that she got no action, she did not realize that her $5,000 call was actually a $25,000 raise because she grabbed the wrong chips, thus scaring the hell out of everyone and ensuring folds all around. Give it up for Janeane!!

We had 4 bonus points handed out, all for full houses:

Susan M got 1 point
Shelby L got 1 point
Tim L got 2 points

Honorable mention to Janeane who thought she should get points for a straight.

The game flowed as follows:

6th place: Susan, busted by Shelby
5th place: Shelby, busted by Tim
4th place: Tim, busted by Fernando C
3rd place: Janeane, busted by Mike W
2nd place: Fernando, busted by Mike
1st place: Mike

Thanks to Susan for hosting and providing the lovely purple table cloth.

Next game in on the calendar already! July 20th, down at Dærick's!! Bring your food and your losin' money for the early start!!

2013 Game 4

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May 18th, 2013:
We rolled on through Omaha last night. There were good times, bad times, a very short time, and people cried.

Kudos to John H for going out in 20 minutes. And that is only due to the generosity of Tim L and Susan M. I could have busted him out on the second hand but chose not to, and Susan could have got him a couple hands later. I chose to let the guy live because we had just started, but Ben P was having none of it and sent him to the loser's couch to contemplate what the hell just happened to him.

To satisfy Dærick G, congratulations for hitting a Royal Flush!! It is just a shame that he did so at the kiddie table playing heads up with Fernando C while they waited for the rest of us to play our game through to completion. They waited a LONG time, as we wrapped up close to midnight. NO BONUS POINTS FOR YOU!

There was never a singular big stack. Dærick started early, but lost it just as quickly. Shelby L had a huge stack and kept it for most of the game. Ben, with his all-consuming need to call, made it work for him and piled chips. And late in the game, Susan ended up with about 80% of the chips going in to heads up. But it wouldn't hold up!

Ultimately, our marathon game came down to the following:

7th place - John, busted by Ben
6th place - Dærick, busted by Shelby
5th place - Fernando, busted by Ben
4th place - Ben, busted by Susan
3rd place - Shelby, busted by Susan
2nd place - Susan, busted by Tim, earning $55
1st place - Tim, earning $115

Tim is on fire this season with win number 3!!

As expected, we had a bunch of extra points, though only full houses.

Shelby - 3 bonus points.
Ben - 1 bonus point.
Susan - 1 bonus point.
Fernando once again had no love in the 2nd game. It came down to Dærick and Shelby, with Dærick taking all the chips and the extra $25.

And that is all she wrote on this one! Details on the next game to follow soon!!

2013 Game 3

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April 20th, 2013:
There was no love for Omaha in the SFV. With only 6 players, we decided to keep it old school, and stuck to Hold Em. We will try to do the Omaha next time, and if we have 8 players or more, we'll go that route. If not, we will revert back to Hold Em.

You can run, but you can't hide from Omaha!!!

Last night brought back two traditions: Tim L going out first and Fernando C winning.

Big stacks moved all over the table and we played for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours before I fell. I desperately wanted to out last Nurse Susan M, who held on to her remaining chips like a fat guy holds a bacon cheeseburger. But alas, I couldn't. In addition, Dærick G rode my ass all night and wouldn't go away. When I lost a hand, I usually just passed my chips one seat to the left.

Two bonus points were given out this time. We had full houses for Dærick and Mike W, both on the same hand. Plus 1 for each!

What made the whole evening worth it for me is the string has been broken! Janeane W finally placed out of the money!! No more getting in everyone's head!

Other notable hands: Janeane not letting her emotions impair her ability to play poker, taking a huge pot from her husband. Tim bluffing a huge pot from Janeane with a lowly pair of 3s. Then handing it over to Dærick a short time later, starting what would be the theme for the rest of my night.

And now the final tally. I am not 100% certain of who busted who, because I didn't write that down, but I think I have it. If it's wrong, let me know.

6th - Tim - busted by Dærick
5th - Susan - busted by Dærick
4th - Janeane - busted by Mike
3rd - Dærick - Busted by Mike
2nd - Mike - busted by Fernando
1st - Fernando

Thanks to Mike and Janeane for giving us another venue. Hopefully we can get a game big enough to utilize all the space they have!!

2013 Game 2

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March 16th, 2013:
The leprechauns have left the building, and the dust has settled. We had an old friend channeling an older friend last night. Robert E showed up for the first time since Danielle D last played, and he decided to take up her cause, playing "great" hands and folding about once every twentieth hand. And, he even played the role of nemesis, but not for me. Fernando C fell victim he Robert's tomfoolery early.

But, the most significant development was that our field dropped by nearly 50% in the span of 24 hours!!! I'm calling you out, Dærick G, Janeane W, Mike W, Alan A and John T! Make it so next time, or the poker gods will not look kindly upon you.

Memorable moments from the evening:
- My Guinness stew.
- John H pushing all in on me, but refusing to look at me, earning a call, and handing me all his chips.
- Robert pulling a Danielle on Fernando, though with a decent hand. Fernando was gutted, and Susan M cleaned up the mess a couple hands later.
- Susan nursing a short stack, again, for a significant portion of the game. Even into heads up with Tim.
- Robert not knowing what to do in the late stages of a poker game, having only made it that far once before, when he was still a minor.

Bonus points go to Shelby Naparsteck Landucci and Tim for showing down full houses.

And with no further delay, the results:

6th Place - Fernando, busted by Susan
5th Place - Shelby, busted by Tim
4th Place - John, busted by Tim
3rd Place - Robert, busted by Tim, busting the bubble
2nd Place - Tim, busted by Susan, taking $50, and $15 in bounties.

And getting back to her winning ways, even when it looked bleak:

1st Place - Susan, busted by no one, taking $100 and $15 in bounties.

Thanks to all that played, and keep your eyes open for the next game's announcement. We may have a new venue next time as well...

2013 Game 1

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February 16th, 2013:
The St Valentine's Day Massacre was just that, a massacre of the intimate group of players that kicked off the 2013 season. We had two new rules in effect this season: the bounty rule and the bonus point rule.

The bounty rule didn't have quite the effect we were looking for, as 5 of the 6 chips went to one person. And we saw one special point awarded to Fernando C, for showing down a full house against Susan M. Shockingly, with the cards Tim was getting, he got no bonus points.

Back to the massacre. Tim L was on fire, pulling cards out of his ass like he was born to do it. In the first 4 hands, he hit deuces, aces twice and another hand that hit a straight. And most of the night went like that. Rarely was he behind on a hand, because not only was he catching cards, but the flop was in love with him, too. The one notable exception was rivering a 3rd queen to beat Janeane W's aces up, raking in a huge pot.

It started out like it was going to be both Janeane and Mike W going out first, but somehow, some way, Just Enough Janeane managed to outlast Shelby L, Susan and Fernando, despite being short-stacked for a good chunk of the game. She took second, but first place meant going through the juggernaut that was Tim, and it just wasn't going to happen tonight.

Other notes: Shelby playing a nice hand to extract lots of extra chips out of it. Fernando kindly saying "Fuck You!" when I went all in against him, instead of checking it down to knock out Susan. Janeane once again showing a hand down and exclaiming "Oh, I won!"

And now for the official stuff:

6th Place - Mike W, busted by Susan
5th Place - Susan, busted by Tim, taking $5 in a bounty.
4th Place - Shelby, busted by Tim
3rd Place - Fernando, busted by Tim
2nd Place - Just Enough Janeane, busted by Tim, taking $50
1st Place - Tim, busted by no one, taking $100 for the game, plus $25 in bounties.

Thanks to all who showed up to kick off the season. I certainly expect the next game to have a bigger field. I want to see two tables, so think green and get ready for the next game, taking place on St, Paddy's day!!!