Season Winners


Tim L
1st Place

MIke W
2nd Place

Janeane W
3rd Place

Fernando C
The Bubble

Janeane W

Game 2




Game 4







Game 5


















Game 7





















2014 Season Overall Statistics

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2014 Game 10

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November 15th, 2014:
The CB!PL 2014 season came to a close with a lot of placements on the line. Tim L was holding on to a sizeable lead, but Mike W, Fernando C, Susan M and Janeane W all had a realistic shot at taking the lead if Tim made an early exit. It wasn't early, but it was early enough to make Tim sweat!! The league welcomed two new players to the fold... Courtney and Paul F bellied up to the tables, making the total number of players to sit at least once this season 17. This season also saw the inclusion of 7 Card Stud to the rotation, which was a big success.

We split to two tables for the game. Table One sat Tim, Ron E, Kelly C, Janeane and Courtney. Table Awesome had Dærick, Mike, Fernando, Paul and Susan. At Table One, it looked to be a repeat of the last game with Tim taking a big lead and starting up the steam roller. Alas, the poker gods decided that it would not stand. Tim dropped back down to the short stack thanks to some unfortunate cards hitting the board. But by the combination of tables, he was back up in 2nd place over all. Kelly improved on her last performance by about 1,000% over last game, making it to the combination, holding out until 7th place, and outlasting her poker mentor, Dærick. Could it be that the student as surpassed the teacher? Only time will tell (meaning yes, the student has surpassed the teacher). Ron was in fine form, playing scared of Tim the whole night. And in what is surely the bad luck story of the season, Janeane was pressured on a hand, having a draw to a Royal Flush and all 25 points that come with it. The bet she faced caused her to fold, and she pushed the fates too hard this time, asking for the rabbit. The card that came would have filled her Royal Flush in, and possibly enough points to win the season outright. But, after a few of Janeane's patented F-Bombs, and the commiseration of many, it was pointed out that she made a bad fold and should have called that anyway. Courtney showed she knows what she's doing, taking a few big pots before the merge.

Over at Table Awesome, things felt like the hands were just flying by. Upon comparison with Table Not-Awesome, it was discovered the hands were moving at about the same pace, and that Paul is just very slow at getting his shuffle in on time. Despite being awesome, the table saw the first two players out in the night. One of our newest players, Paul, was first to excuse himself from the game. Not very long afterwards, one of our longest playing players, Dærick, followed suit so as not to leave Paul lonely and dejected. Included in the Game 10 photos is a pic of the happy gents as they comiserate over hands that were naught to be. Before bailing hard out of the game, Dærick made sure to have some great hands, reel Susan in slowly on two of them, and still manage to bleed out all of the sizable pots collected. Never being one to half-ass anything, Dærick took the addage "you win some, you lose some" and cranked it up to 11 with "you win some, you lose more. Much, much more."

After ejecting the first two casualties from Table Awesome, the group combined at 8 players... and exactly what Tim did not want to see was in place: Mike with a large stack of chips, as well as a large stack of bounties, giving him the advantage over the other contenders to overtake Tim for the season lead. Mike was running over the table for a while, and busted Courtney, Kelly, Ron, Tim, and Susan (after busting Dærick before the merge). Ron thought he had a moral victory, as he Tim pushed all in and lost, leaving him with only two yellow chips and more time to cry in his vodka. Tim managed to turn 1k into 15k before busting out to Mike. But in those few hands, Ron busted, falling behind Tim once again. This will surely be in Ron's mind in the championship game, as long as he's not asking about what the chips are worth. (100. Ron, they are all worth 100. Every chip of every color, 100. If someone bets 5,000, you have to put in 50 chips, period.)

In an odd little interaction, we first saw Janeane, head in her hands and sweet smile on her face declare "I love your face!" to Fernando, thus confirming that her marriage to Mike is one of convenience only. We are not sure who needs the green card, though, but it's pobably Mike since he likes soccer/fütboll/the diving game. Also, soon after, Susan and Janeane formed the Sunshine and Rainbows club, becoming best of friends whenever one of them needed assistance. "BESTIES!" was the name bestowed upon them, and we said it every time they scratched each other's back. No one is calling 'collusion' out loud, but ladies, there are no "besties" in poker. Think about it, Susan... Has Janeane ever once told you she loves your face? She does not have your interest in mind and is not to be trusted.

Though Mike was dominating as the table shrunk to 4 players, Mike had a streak over about 4 hands where he basically decided to be everyone's friend, giving them all an average of about 40k to 50k each, and dropping to a very short stack, passing chips to Janeane on a sick 2 outter on the river. He was even on the ropes once, but Fernando couldn't knock him off. It proved to fortuitous, as Mike would hold one, pull his own 2 outter on the river against Janeane and move back up to a sizeable stack late in the game. Mike, how does it feel to be the new Dærick? Susan put up a good fight, but lost to Fernando's all-in, crippling her and she fell soon after. This left Tim in the unusual position of having to root for his arch-nemesis, as her win would prevent the other two from having a chance to take 1st place, assuming she didn't hit another Royal Flush draw.

Janeane's chips and Tim's luck held out and the unholy alliance was successful! Janeane took first place, busting Fernando and managing to push him down to 4th in the season standings in the process. Mike made a respectable charge, but in the end fell four points short of Tim, 142 to 146 in the standings respectively. Mike is planning divorce proceedings as I type this, since he's convinced him missing the one, single game due to vacation cost him the championship. Being only 9 points behind Tim, Janeane is of the same opinion for herself, and has also retained an attorney. She still loves Fernando's face, and frankly, who among us doesn't?

And as 2014 comes to a close, here is how the final game shaped up:

10th - Paul, busted by Fernando
9th - Dærick, busted by Mike
8th - Courtney, busted by Mike
7th - Kelly, busted by Mike
6th - Ron, busted by Mike, 3 hands before...
5th - Tim, busted by Mike
4th - Susan, busted by Mike, and bursting the final bubble of the regular season


3rd - Fernando, busted by Janeane, taking $30 in prize money, and $5 in bounties.
2nd - Mike, busted by Janeane, taking $70 in prize money, and $30 in bounties.

And the winner of Game 10 to bring 2014 to a close was Janeane, winning $125 in prize money and $15 in bounties.

Special hands were flying all over the place, and you have to wonder if we were playing on a dead poker hand burial ground. Points were given to the following:

Dærick for 2 full houses and quads
Susan for 2 full houses
Fernando for 3 full houses
Mike for one lousy full house
Janeane for TWO quads, and 25 ghost points for the folded before the Royal flush

We saw Janeane drop a higher than normal number of F Bombs, but all things considered, it probably should have been a table-flipping night for her. Five F Bombs sullied our delicate ears as Janeane went into a deep depression for much of the remainder of the game. But, winning has a way of bringing you out of your funk.

We did hear the rare F Bomb from Susan as well, which is like hearing The Pope drop one, for our purposes. We know he does it, just not too often!

We will be sending an invite out to the top 10 players for the season to attend the Championship Game in Moorpark. If a player in the top 10 cannot make it, we we offer the spot to the 11th place or the 12th place player. If they cannot attend, we will play short of 10 players.

A fine thanks to Kelly for hosting us, but -1 for letting Dærick wear his skirt to the game. (editor's note: it's only a skirt if you're wearing panties underneath)

Thanks to all who played this season, and if you're reading this and didn't play in 2014, you best have your butts in seats in February!! 2014 was perhaps our most fun season so far, and 2015 promises to be even more fun and exciting and full of Fernando's face. Don't miss any of it!


2014 Game 9

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October 18th, 2014:
CB!PL took its final trip to the stud farm this month, with Mike W looking to continue his strangle-hold on this game, having won all previous 7 Card Stud games to date. We came in to the game looking to seat 12 players. With 2 no-shows, we sat 10. It was rumored that O.G. CB!PL player John H would be making his triumphant return. But alas, it was just a rumor, with John probably rubbing elbows with other high-powered commercial actors instead.

If there was a theme at all, it was that it was déjà vu all over again, which will be apparent as you read on...

Even with John not showing up, his name was erased from a dubious record that has stood for nearly a year and a half. In May of 2013, John made his final appearance in the league, and then promptly left 20 minutes later, after vomiting his chips into pot after pot. Last night, Kelly C broke that record, showing what she thought was the best hand, having a full house. At just under 15 minutes, she discovered that Tim L had a bigger full house, losing all but a couple chips, and setting the tone for the rest of the night, as everyone had to contend with Tim's monster stack.

It was a nearly F Bomb-free night considering Janeane W was getting frustrated left and right and she was drinking like a fish. We saw one bomb getting dropped at approximately 2:00. All other F Bombs came from the usual sources, with Susan choosing not to shock with crowd two games in a row. Janeane, you're disappointing your fans...

Once again, Tim steamrolled the table. But, as Mike said last night, Tim had a golden horseshoe stuck up his ass, and the deck gods were pleased with his sacrifice. They showed their favor upon him hand after hand after hand, often on the river, ensuring he won most of the pots he played and only losing one large pot. As the dust settled, he busted all but two of the other players, with Susan M ruining the 1 in 40 million (or more) chance of getting the Boba Fett badge in a 7 Card Stud game with two tables. Everyone loves Susan.

Here is how everyone lined up:

10th place - Kelly, busted by Tim
9th place - Mike, busted by Tim
8th place - Erin, busted by Susan
7th place - Andrew, busted by Tim
6th place - Dærick, busted by Tim
5th, place - Ron, busted by Tim
4th place - Janeane, busted by Susan


3rd place - Fernando, busted by Tim, winning $30
2nd place - Susan, busted by Tim, winning $70, and taking $10 in bounties
1st place - Tim, winning $125 and taking $40

This win puts Tim solidly in first place as we look to close out the season at the GrößHaus in Redondo Beach next month, getting back to our roots to play some good old fashioned Hold'Em.

We debuted $5 Frenzy last night as our second game, and it looks like we may have finally come up with a format that works (and that we have actual rules for, too!). Play moved quickly, and as the blinds blew up, players hit the rail one after the other. Tim had eyes on taking both games again, but The Walters were having none of it, shutting Tim down in the 3 spot. They considered chopping the winnings, but the competitive nature of both lead to them both to stick it out to the 20k/40k level with Mike putting Janeane in her place in the end.

Thanks to Mike and Janeane for hosting this shindig and showing off the league's only official poker table!

The final spot on at the championship table is still up for grabs and Kelly will move into 10th place just by showing up to the final game if John T doesn't play. If he does, it will come down to whoever places higher that night. A win from Susan, Fernando C, Mike or Janeane could possibly wrest 1st place from Tim's hands! So, there is still a lot to be determined in the final game of the season. Show up and be a part of the drama!!


2014 Game 8

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September 20th, 2014:
The heat wave of September broke just in time, and cooled everyone off except one last night. We welcomed two new players to the C'Mon Baby! fold this month: Miguel and Kelly. With the exception of Miguel, who bled chips off to Tim, everyone held a decent share of the big stack last night.

If there was a theme throughout the night it was this: Tim will have a lot of chips, and Ron will take them... happening twice where he sucked out to take big chunk of said chips.

Dærick proved that Karma likes to make an appearance when she can, when he broke poker protocol as Kelly was all-in by making a small bet rather than going all-in or checking down the hand with Tim. It wasn't big enough to push Tim off, but big enough to piss Tim off. Two cards and a handful of luck later Tim drew to the nut flush taking a bunch of Dærick's chips to go with Kelly's, along with a heaping helping of satisfaction. Once again, the CBPL motto proves true...

The Boba Fett bounty bonus was in play for Tim until Shelby busted out Dærick in the 5 hole. Susan, upset that she did that, then busted Shelby a little while later.

In the end, chips rolled around the table, but they settled in front of Tim. Here's how the game shook out:

8th place - Miguel, busted by Tim
7th place - Kelly, busted by Tim
6th place - Ron, busted by Tim
5th place - Dærick, busted by Shelby
4th place - Shelby, busted by Susan, taking $5 in bounties
3rd place - Fernando, busted by Tim, taking $25 in price money
2nd place - Susan, busted by Tim, taking $50 in prize money and $5 in bounties
1st place - Tim, taking $100 in prize money and $25 in bounties.

We only saw a handful of bonus points in the game, and none bigger than a full house. Dærick and Shelby each had one, and Susan had two of them.

We had a rather large second game, with 6 players sticking it out. Action was lively, like it usually is. Ron found his new favorite number; *T!W!E!L!V!E*. Which was announced every time Ron bet or raised 1200. Again, Ron took Tim's chips early in the game, but Tim had a particularly satisfying runner-runner suck out to knock him out of the game. We saw the first significant F-bomb of the night, deep into the second game, when Susan dropped one after seeing that rabbit show it's head when she bowed out of a hand too soon. We've awarded one F-bomb for the night for this, in honor of Janeane who couldn't attend the festivities this month. Heads-up, Tim tried to knock Fernando out several times, having dominating hands that either lost to Fernando, or chopped. But in the end, persistence, and the poker gods paid off as Tim's King-junk out drew Fernando's Ace-junk to finish the second game in typical fashion for Fernando; with no chips and bitter tears.

Thanks to Susan for hosting the game and the bbq! We should do more of those as weather permits! The next game will roll through West Hills where Mike and Janeane can try to gain back the ground they lost by not playing this game!!


2014 Game 7

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August 16th, 2014:
For the second time this season, we strolled into Omaha... but this time, everyone had guns blazing. Chips and cards were flying everywhere as everyone got a full house except for Miss Susan M, as feminism has not fully taken hold at the Landucci household. Theme for the evening was Extra Points!!! We half expected Oprah to jump out shouting "YOU GET POINTS AND YOU GET POINTS not you, Susan, AND YOU GET POINTS!" We saw an armada of full houses and also had 3 people hit quads that counted and 2 that didn't get to the show down!! Even John T got points and he left before the first fart of the game.

As usual, there wasn't much in the way of a strong chip leader until a few hours in, when Cooper G was playing First Poker Bank and TrustTM for a while, having over 50% of the chips. Mike W and Fernando C decided to finally show up about 3 hours into the game, but it didn't help their causes at all. It appeared Ron was going to pull his usual "I keep getting cards" bullshit for a while, but even that didn't hold up.

While we debated awarding (or removing) points based on how good the smack talk was, Janeane W was relatively quiet on the FBomb front. She only dropped 3, but it took 3 hours for the first one to come, and the last one was shouted out as she was only half awake.

This was our biggest game of the season so far, where we sat 9 players at the table. Let's grow on that for the next game!

When all was said and done, here is how the board shook out for the night.

9th place - John, busted by Janeane
8th place - Susan, busted by Mike
7th place - Mike, busted by Cooper, taking $5 in bounties
6th place - Tim, busted by Cooper
5th place - Fernando, busted by Dærick
4th place - Dærick, busted by Ron, taking $5 in bounties

and the bubble popped there...

3rd place - Ron, busted by Cooper, taking $5 in bounties and $25 in prize money
2nd place - Cooper, busted by Janeane, taking $15 in bounties and $60 in prize money
And finally, Janeane placed First, capturing $15 in bounties and $115 in prize money.

In addition, the following bonus points were awarded:

Full Houses:

  • Fernando - 1
  • Ron - 2
  • Tim - 1
  • Dærick - 3
  • Cooper - 2
  • Janeane - 1
  • Mike - 1

Four of a Kind:
  • Tim - 3
  • Cooper - 3
  • John T - 3

And that closes the chapter on Omaha for the regular season. It will rear it's ugly, ugly Midwest head again in this season's "Trial" game in December when it is part of CB!PL's HOS game (Hold'Em, Omaha, Stud).

A big thanks to the greatest host in the world, Shelby L, for letting us use her home and abuse her husband for the match this month while she was away. The next game will be coming up on September 20th at Susan's house. Please make note this is a special engagement: The game will be part of a BBQ, with times to be announced with the invite. Anticipatethe BBQ to start around 4:00, with the game starting around 6:30 like normal. The game will be our standard Hold'Em, so no excuses about how you are not quite up on the game!!

See you in September!!


2014 Game 6

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July 19th, 2014:
July's Hold Em game came and went, and it was a scorcher. There was, yet again, a bit of a theme in the game: Pocket Pairs? Don't Care! There was a notable exception to this rule that will become obvious later. But in general, if you had a pocket pair, it was a strong chance you were going to lose that hand on the flop.

We started with our typical average table. 7 players throwing cards in, with only one reigning supreme. Chips were moving around the table with everyone taking in a good pile for a while. Mike probably held on to his longer than anyone, whereas everyone else had it and then nursed a short stack at some point.

Janeane did not disappoint in the F-bomb department, dropping 3 in the short time she played. F-Bombs hit the table at :45, 1:00 and 2:45.

Aces got cracked late in the game when Tim's pocket aces went up against Ron's tripped up kings, doubling Ron up and giving Tim a short stack. Tim also did an excellent job of giving Shelby chips when she got short stacked.

The game was proceeding normally until Ron basically decided that he'd had enough. In the span of about 6 hands, he knocked out 3 players, all with handy pocket pairs. And then after Susan watched the carnage for a bit, Ron turned his monster stack on her and knocked her out soon after. All told, it was probably 15 to 20 minutes of play for Ron to basically say "NO CHIPS FOR YOU!" to 4 players, not to mention he also busted Shelby. Here is the thought that went through everyone's mind: Ron can't have possibly hit another hand! I'll push and take the chips...... "DAMMIT!"

Officially, here is how it shook down:

7th - Janeane, busted by Fernando
6th - Shelby, busted by Ron
5th - Tim, busted by Ron
4th - Mike, busted by Ron
3rd - Fernando, busted by Ron, taking $5 in bounties

*The bubble burst here*

2nd - Susan, busted by Ron, winning $50
1st - Ron, wining $100 and taking an additional $30 in bounties.

Mike's win streak ends in spectacular fashion!

We had some points to add for some big hands:
Mike and Fernando pulled down full houses
Fernando added a set of quads to impress everyone at the table.

In what was possibly the biggest feat of the night, FERNANDO WON THE SECOND GAME!!!! As he collected his winnings, a tear welling up in his eye, he said the words that touched all of our hearts: Is this real?

So, thus concludes yet another chapter in the C'mon Baby! Poker League saga. Much thanks to Susan for playing hostess. Would have been better if there was some ranch dressing handy, but we can't be too picky.

Next stop, Omaha!!


2014 Game 5

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June 21st, 2014:
The Summer Solstice Seven Stud Slam came and went, and there were fireworks galore. Once again, there was a theme of sorts, and it was all about getting screwed by the big blind for consecutive hands. It seemed to happen to everyone at some point, but two people seemed to get it more than everyone else: Mike W and Ron. Ron was a newbie to the league games, having played in a couple of our cash games down south, and we treated him right by giving him lots and lots of big blinds to choke on before we sent him to the rail.

It was an interesting game. The chip lead swung wildly all over the place. The standings could have evened out quite a bit if Mike had gone out first early, but the fates decided he should play on. Dærick G dropped his chips into the pot early and often, but held on for a bit as he sipped, then gulped his Jacked up Pepsi, eliciting and epic jinx moment when Tim L and Susan M gave out a "Smoooooth" at the exact same time when Dærick choked on his drink.

It should be noted that Twinkies influenced this game, so it may need an asterisk in the record books.

It was another relatively quiet game, as everyone was playing a game they are not quite familiar with. So, we didn't make fun of Dærick as much.

Janeane W was once again placed to the right of one of the two people she hates to play to the right of: Tim or Mike. This time it was Tim. But, frustrations were low, and she only dropped one F-Bomb at the 2:00 mark of the game.

In the end, Stud beat everyone like a rented mule, except one, and the final showing shook down like this:

7th - Ron, knocked out by Tim
6th - Susan, knocked out by Janeane
5th - Dærick, knocked out by Janeane
4th - Tim, knocked out by Janeane, taking $5 in bounties
3rd - Janeane, knocked out by Mike, taking $15 in bounties and popping the bubble.
2nd - Fernando, knocked out by Mike taking $50 in prize money

And first place goes to Mike, taking in $100 in prize money, $15 in bounties and a strangle on the standing for now. (Tim had that same stranglehold last season, and the wheels fell of the wagon late, so hopefully it happens again).

We only had two hands giving extra points: Mike hit a full house and Janeane picked the hand to knock Tim out to show down quad 7s.

We had an unusual 2nd game last night, in that everyone stuck around to play it! It did not really give us anything exciting to talk about, save for Janeane got drunk, which should happen more when she plays, and Dærick Must Die earned that moniker again, by staging a pretty impressive comeback, refusing to go down quietly and doubling up tiny stack after tiny stack, ultimately taking the prize. Also, Fernando lost again, bowing out in spectacular fashion by shoving all the chips into a pile before he shrunk away from the table again. It also lasted nearly a long as the first game.

Thanks to The Walters for hosting this game, and we can now set our sights on July's Hold Em game at Susan M's place. Based on potential players, we could have a big game, let's see if it holds up!!


2014 Game 4

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May 10th, 2014:
The May game was back to normal, with Omaha behind us and Stud down the road, we focused on our old standby, Texas Hold 'Em. There seems to always be some sort of theme, and the theme for the game was Big Blind Special. We had an unusual number of hands where the big blind would win, thus taking everything down, including the cards. No one was better at it last night than Mike W.

Janeane W. was a bit more subdued this game than in previous games, dropping a mere 3 F bombs at roughly one-hour intervals; 1:43, 2;43 and 3:35.

We came within one bet of seeing a 7-2 shown down for a win, with Fernando C. making a final bet on the river... but it wasn't called. Closest yet, Fernando! Yay!

To say this was the Mike W show would be something of an understatement, and we all hope this does not carry over in to the next game! Make was getting cards like a hooker gets herpes. Hand after hand raking in chips, and busting people out. Mike came close to a Boba Fett award, except Fernando had to ruin it by busting Janeane in 6th place. Mike was so effective at it, that he took out Dærick G and Susan M in one hand.

The final hand for Tim was a hard pill to swallow. Dealing his fate, Tim came up with 66 in the hole. Blinds being what they were, and the stack being small, Tim pushed. Followed by a quick call from Mike. Cards are flipped and Mike shows AQ (I think) in the hole. Tim is somewhat confident, and just as he exclaims "NO PAINT, NO ACES!" the flop comes up AA9, all but sealing his fate unless runner-runner 6's come up. Based on the preceding statements in this recap, you can guess how that turned out.

And so, the Mike show ended like this:

7th - Shelby L, busted by Mike
6th - Janeane W, busted by Fernando
5th - Dærick G, busted by Mike
4th - Susan M, busted by Mike on the same hand
3rd - Tim L, busted by Mike
2nd - Fernando C, busted by Mike, taking $50, plus $5 in bounties
1st - Mike W, taking $100, plus $30 in bounties.

Screw you, Mike!

We had bonus points going out to Shelby and Susan (2x) for full houses.

In the second game, Fernando showed that he likes to give back to the people, again, by not winning. Tim started out strong, but Susan continued to takes big hands, getting heads up against Dærick, who tried to lose several times, but stayed alive for a while until Susan finally took him down, laying claim to the $20 on the table.

The Leaderboard was shaken up a bit, with Mike jumping 3 spots to 1st place, Tim taking over 2nd, with Fernando right behind him in 3rd. Susan and Janeane drop to 4th and 5th respectively, but are within a win of 1st place.

So, now we set our sights on 7 Card Stud coming in June. Let's get some players at the table!!

And remember kids: accepting an invite and then flaking is grounds for suspension for a game, or even up to the full season. If you can't make it, just let us know and you avoid all of that!


2014 Game 3

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April 12th, 2014:
It was Omaha, do or die, at the Walter household and one of us did while 5 of us died. The mood was somber, as playing Omaha required everyone to switch to a slower gear. But we did take an opportunity to make fun of Dærick where we could. The first joke was bout the cards being sticky, and it went way down hill from there. Mike also referred to him as a White Walker. We will let him figure out why.

Chips circled the table like everyone's money circled the toilet as it got flushed away in this debacle. Tim and Ben decided that the first hour would be The Tim and Ben Show, winning all but a few hands, with Tim successfully taking a significant amount of Mike's chips. But eventually the tides would turn and everyone one would grab a piece of the lead at some point. Susan wins the John Hartmann Memorial Frustration award for getting horrible cards most of the night. There were some notable plays, including the one where Mike had a chance to put Tim away, but folded, only to see the card he needed come through the rabbit hole. I wish I could say Tim took advantage of that and made everyone pay, but alas, it wasn't to be.

We began tracking a new stat this time around. Every time Janeane dropped an F bomb out of frustration, we tracked it. It started slow, but picked up towards the end.

1:13 F bomb
1:32 F bomb
2:04 MF bomb
2:34 MF bomb
3:34 MF bomb
3:35 F bomb
3:35 F bomb
3:35 F bomb

The game shook out as follows:

6th - Ben, busted by Janeane
5th - Tim, busted by Janeane
4th - Fernando, busted by Mike
3rd - Susan, busted by Mike
2nd - Janeane, busted by Mike, taking $10 in bounties and $45 in prize money.
1st - Mike, taking $20 in bounties and $80 in prize money.

Clearly, the Walter Affect had a big part of the way this game ended, since they took all the bounties and all the money. The way this game finished, it left a log jam at the top of the leader board with the top 3 spots all within a handful of points of each other. Can someone pull away next month?

As expected, the Omaha game put a lot of bonus points up on the board. Everyone took home at least 1 point......oh wait, no bonus love for Fernando this time.

Tim - 3 Full Houses
Janeane - 2 Full Houses, including the full house over full house that knocked Tim out.
Ben - Full House
Mike - Full House
Susan - Full House

We get back to poker reality next month with some good old fashioned Hold Em at Tim and Shelby's place. Let's get some warm bodies in those seats!! I want to see two tables!!! Cold bodies are good too, as long as they pay! Those of you that were somewhat regular in the past, I'm calling you out!!! Time to get back in the mix!!!


2014 Game 2

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March 15th, 2014:
The spirit of St. Paddy came and went, smiling on those who were Irish, and crapping on those were not.

Each month we manage to have a theme throughout the game, and this time the big wheels kept on turning. We had two notable wheels in the evening and it seemed to be that about every 4th board had a wheel possibility. We also saw a huge number of flops with 3 to the flush.

The chips managed to pile up for everyone at one point but Ben P and Janeane W, who quickly went out 8th and 7th respectively. Janeane was once again angry most of the game for getting mostly crap to play, and the one time she got something she ran into a well-hidden buzz saw leaving her crippled, and left the game soon after. Mike W showed some sympathy and after another hour or so, he decided to go home with her.

Dærick G has managed to cement his legend of being unbreakable and has earned the new nickname of DÆRICK WON'T DIE!!. Picking and choosing his spots, he turned his little stack into a littler stack, but managed to stick around long enough to let Shelby L pop the bubble.

It came down to two relatively even stacks, with Fernando C starting with the lead heads up. But with the spirit of St. Paddy smiling down on her, plus home table advantage, Susan McIrish eventually took Fernando down, giving him his second consecutive not-1st-but-still-in-the-money finish. It should also be noted that Susan decided the fate of the last 4 players in the game.

So, the match rounded out as follows:

8th - Ben, busted by Tim L
7th - Janeane, busted by Shelby
6th - Mike, busted by Shelby
5th - Tim, busted by Susan, taking $5 in bounties
4th - Shelby, busted by Susan, taking $10 in bounties


3rd - DÆRICK WON'T DIE!!, busted by Susan, earning $25
2nd - Fernando, busted by Susan, earning $50
1st - Susan, earning $100 and $25 in bounties.

Once again, Tim managed to show down the only bonus hand, working a well-played 7s full of 4s into a pile of chips.

An Irish thanks to Susan for hosting this game, and we next travel to Omaha by way of West Hills!! Of course, an Irish thanks is a head butt followed by a punch in the gut. Then we all go out and drink green beer and sing songs.


2014 Game 1

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February 15th, 2014:
The gun has sounded on the 2014 season!! Everyone was looking to pick up some points to start the season. Some got a few, a few got some, and 3 of us picked up placement points.

There were a few interesting things of note... Tim L got an overwhelming number of hands with queen/dogshit, played for better or worse in some cases. The board showing two pairs came up quite a bit and flops showing 3 to the flush was quite common. The new "Seven Deuce" rule made a few people really try to get those points, but no one pushed it past when they should have and thus no 7/2s won, let alone were shown down. As would befit a Valentine's game, several flops hit the table with all hearts showing, sending shivers of love down everyone's spine...

We were slated to start with 9 players, Alec P was a no-show. In and of itself this isn't too noteworthy (though the new Attendance/Flaking rules are now in play), however in one of his killed hands he would have showed down a full house, thus picking up an extra point if he played. While technically not a true Bad Beat, we're recording this there for posterity...

Early on in the game, Mike W managed to flop a straight flush for what would be the first straight flush shown down in league play, ever! But... The fates intervened and got all up in his brain... while he was in the driver's seat, he crashed that straight flush into a tree, making a bet that scared everyone off. And 5 points turned into 0 points just like that!!

Chip leads went around the table in the first couple of hours, with everyone having a little taste of the good life, but eventually things started to settle when Mike took a huge chip lead and held on to it for a bit. And eventually, stacks started to get short because of it and players started to fall.

Shelby L was the first to go to the rail, when Fernando C busted her. She wasn't too upset, as she got to relax on the new couch for an extended period. Cooper G lasted another hour, but 7th place was calling his name, and Mike decided that it was time for him to go. Over the next 45 minutes, Susan M and Dærick G were busted by Tim in 6th and 5th, respectively. The bubble popped with Mike, as he took home 4th, busted by Janeane W.


And then there were 3. The battle raged on, but by now Tim had his slow-play groove on, had taken a prohibitive chip lead, went into bully mode, and pushed the other players around. Janeane W took a pretty big hand at one point while there were still 3 to possibly make a run of it, but it did not last. Eventually, Fernando fell to Janeane, leaving Tim and Janeane to duke it out for the final spot. Tim's stack, and the fact the deck decided that he should get better hands than everyone by that point sealed the deal, with Janeane coming in 2nd and Tim taking the top spot to open the 2014 season.

8th: Shelby, busted by Fernando
7th: Cooper, busted by Mike
6th: Susan, busted by Tim
5th: Dærick, busted by Tim
4th: Mike, busted by Janeane, taking $5 in bounties
3rd: Fernando, busted by Janeane, taking $25 and $5 in bounties.
2nd: Janeane, busted by Tim, taking $50, and $10 in bounties.
1st: Tim, taking $100, and $20 in bounties.

We had full house bonus points for Tim

Tim's winning ways continued into his second game of the night (for others this was the third game), taking the win. Dærick went down in 3rd, and as Cooper and Dærick left for the evening, Susan and I played the final showdown with Tim pairing his ace on the turn to beat Susan's queens. What made this hand exceptional is that both had EXACTLY the same amount of chips, so the game would have ended on that hand, regardless of the outcome.

High five to the Shelby and Tim for hosting the opener! The next league game is The Massacre in Moorpark, at Susan's. The $5 Frenzy is also scheduled for Feb 22nd down at Dærick's in Redondo Beach, but that game still needs to confirm some more attendees, so keep your ears open on that if you did confirm!


Game 8















Game 10