Season Winners


Tim L
1st Place

Fernando C
2nd Place

Dærick G
3rd Place

Janeane W
The Bubble


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2016 Season Overall Statistics

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2016 Game 7

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November 12th, 2016:
Game 7 turned out to be the last for the season, and we ended on Hold'Em. Dærick took the notes for this game, and as it turns out, not very well. Cryptic comments typed into his phone sat for 6 weeks before being reopened to view, so we're left with this brief update to wind down 2016...

The table was small, just five of us. Some things were said, some of it funny and some of it would have been funny as presented in these notes had Dærick recorded things properly. Just know that people were talking to each other and having fun.

If my notes are correct and I am reading them right, Tim managed to knock two people out with a 9 paired on the river. Fuckin' river...

Courtney ended up leaving first for personal reasons, so her bounty was technically not claimed and her stack removed from the table.
Kelly Rain was knocked out by Tim.
Fernando was knocked out by Tim.

That left the game heads-up...
Dærick's ace high fell to Tim's 5s, but he earned $25 for his trouble...

Tim was left as the winner, taking home $75 and $20 in bounties.

Kelly Rain showed the only legendary hand of the night, earning 1 point for her Full House. Despite having Courtney lave early without being officially knocked out, Tim took every bounty and no one prevented him from earning the Boba Fett for the night... 2 points for Tim.

And that is how the 2016 season ended; a small table and a brief write up. Thanks to the Grösseses for hosting one final time at the beach in South Redondo. Let's turn our eyes to 2017 and get ourselves psyched for a new year and a fresh season! Susan and the Grösseseseses have moved to new digs, so there'll be new locations to visit and better parking when you arrive (promise!)


2016 Game 6 part II

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August 20th, 2016:
Game 6 brought Pot-Limit Hold'Em into the rotation officially, and it may very well rival Stud as the most disliked game on the schedule... The first two rounds were absolutely insane! Listen, people... friends... fellow citizens... just because the game is called "Pot-Limit" doesn't mean every single bet has to be the limit... We were seeing absolutely crazy bets in the $200 and $300 rounds, it took several rounds for people to calm down. Chips were flying everywhere, big hands were being won and lost all over the place. It was the Wild West for a couple hours, only without the horses, guns, cowboys, desert towns, and dysentery. Well, Rich may have contracted dyesentery, but no one is really sure on that one.

It became clear early on that Lisa, sitting to Dærick's left, simply did not ackowledge his existence. True, most would say they wish they could do so, but Lisa on several occasions proved she was unaware he was even there by repeatedly betting over his turn as though he were the ghost seat that he'd eventually become. Even Rich skipped Dærick once, though to maintain dominance Lisa then bet over Fernando's turn once leaving Rich to accept he will never outdo his better half.

As the game regained some semblance of normalcy in the betting, Tim began what would eventually his march to the winner's circle. First to fall victim was Tim's number one bestie, Rich Prugh. Tim claimed not to be sore from his devastating loss when they last met, but the smile of satisfaction as he devoured Rich's soul was evidence that all had not been forgiven nor forgotten. Tim laid down the only Full House to show down for the night, against Rich's whatever high-card-what-were-you-thinking-even-Dærick-wouldn't-play-that hand.

Speaking of Dærick, early on at one point he was the leading stack, using the strategy of "not participating in any of these insane hands what the hell are you crazy people even thinking". Over time his stack whittled away and he had to make a move... The Poker Gods (praise be unto them) deemed that Dærick was not worthy of many (barely even a few) decent hands, leading him to go all-in with two pair against Fernando who smiled and graciously accepted Dærick's donation to his chipstack by showing down a straight. This would be Fernando's only kill for the night, but it was enought to keep Tim from claiming a coveted Boba Fett bonus.

Lisa was next to go, having lost the imaginary player on her right. Tim decided to reunite the young newly(ish)weds and knocked her out with a pair of Queens over her AK. With Lisa's exit we all noticed a pattern that the Big Blinds were the ones who kept getting knocked out, making everyone nervous about going all-in on their BB turn...

The one player we haven't mentioned yet is Kelly Rain... Her game on this tumultuous night was excellent. While she didn't win the table, she played perhaps her best game ever and showed the collected group how to play a stellar game with class and dignity. Kelly Rain also took the game's only 7/2 bonus point for turning a crap hand into a winning hand. She even went all-in against Tim, her poker nemesis, and had him on the ropes. Kelly Rain had Two Pair and had Tim making sacrifices to the Poker Gods (praise be unto them) which apparently were successful when the river came 'round... Kelly Rain lost to a rivered straight, and Tim took another orange bounty chip.

This left Tim and Fernando to go head to head for the third time in seven games this season. Previously they've each taken 1st place over the other, this would be the tie breaker. The pressure was on, the game moved in slow-motion though the clock ticked feverishly. As it began to get late, we could all see that Fernando was beginning to fatigue, his soul crushed by the knowledge he'd have to eventually face the 405 and drive all the way back from south Redondo. Eventually, he cracked and went all in against Tim with KJ, making the very Dærick-like statement "fuck it, I'm tired" which is never a good way to go all-in (believe me, I know -D). Tim turned over AQ and won the game and everyone's continuing disdain. Fernando had a good taste of Dærick's night, having also seen his fair share of crap hand after crap hand in the form of recurring 9/2 over and over all night.

And so the game played out as follows:

6th place: Rich "I-still-love-you-Tim" Prugh
5th place: Dærick "I-will-piss-on-your-grave-Tim" Gröss
4th place: Lisa "Kelly-Rain-why-wasn't-your-husband-here-tonight" Prugh
3rd place: Kelly Rain "stupid-river-I-had-him" Gröss

Thus, the bubble popped...

2nd place: Fernando "if-I-see-9/2-again-I'll-eat-the-entire-deck" Chavez
1st place: Tim "Poker-Gods-(praise be unto them)-thank-you-for-continuing-to-accept-my-blood-sacrifices" Landucci

Bonus points were earned by Kelly Rain for her winning play of 7/2 and Tim for the only Full House to show down for the night. Also, it needs to be mentioned that with this win Tim has earned a Triple Crown Bonus for winning Stud (Game 2), Hold'EM (Game 3), and now Pot-Limit (Game 7). That adds an extra 5 points to his leaderboard score for the season.

Thanks to the Grösseses (Both of them. They were both here, Lisa) for hosting. Next up, we travel to SimiValleyLand to Landucci Ranch to get our Omaha on. Only 3 games left in the 2016 season, don't miss out on the fun!


2016 Game 6 part I

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July 23rd, 2016:
Game 6 was starting out to be a solid mid-sized table for our first ever Pot-Limit Hold'Em tournament... until we got whittled away by sickness and house sales. Long story short, a 7-seat table became a 3-seat table which is too small for an official CB!PL season game. The decision was made, and the game was called.

In the wake of devastation, a hero arose. Taavi, just days away from turning 8 months old, stepped up (with help from Mama) to take a seat and dominate the night. Hand after hand, round after round, the kid was undefeatable... One could chalk this up to beginner's luck, some feel it is also related to the fact that there were no other opponents at the table. We may never know the truth of it. No matter the reason, the kid was a monster and we are all fortunate not to have faced him that night.

Join us next month for Take 2 of the Redondo Mondo Pot-Limit Smackdown! Thanks to Kelly and Dærick hosting no one this time 'round...


2016 Game 5

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June 25th, 2016:
Greetings all you fine poker playing chicks and chums! What stared as a great June day, ended with a a lot of June gloom. For the first time in a while we had a bit of a theme for the night. It was "GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!" Thanks to the antics of one Rich Prugh, we had a wild, fly by the seat of you pants, hate-Rich-Prugh kind of game that produced the likely Hand of the Season. A hand that Mike Walter was once again on the passing-chips end of things. But, the guy that was on the good side of the Hand of the Season opposite Mike last time, was also on the passing-chip end of this awful, awful hand. More on that below. The other player that benefited from GTFOH!! 2K16 was Dærick. The man who was doing his best to look like a lamp should have closed his game out and vacated the area in the 6 spot. Many times. But, summoning the luck of the Taavi for the evening, he dodged bullet after bullet, getting as low as about $6k, when other players, like Rich, was lighting his $6k on fire in order to appease the Patron Saint of Putting Targets On People. No one wanted it bad enough and a couple of the lazy fools actually got busted by him as well. We have finally heard back from the Entomological Society of America (ESA) and the have approved the naming of the latest species of cockroach, named for our very own Dærick Gröss: Blattoidae BlaberiDærick, informally Asshole Cockroach. We are planning on coming with cans of Black Flag to the next game. It ends there.

Now for the Hand the Rocked a Nation. It was about 40 minutes into the game, and as is always the case when Mike and Tim play, there started to be some big betting, each trying to push the other off of what was becoming a rather large stack. We were only in round 3 at the time, so the blinds were only $300/$600. Preflop there is some modest action, Tim on the Big Blind, it comes around to Mike and he raised a sizable $3000. With the money in the pot, and his hand in consideration, Tim calls and off comes the flop. Tim is holding K3, and the flop his him right in the mouth, coming K3J, two clubs on the board. But what Tim didn't know is that Mike just got a boner, because he was holding KK, and it was time to spring the trap, and he tossed out $20k in chips. A huge amount considering the round. Inside, Tim's eyes get huge, thinking it is against the odds he would be behind already, so he was likely facing a pair of Kings, or a club draw. Tim comes over the top of Mike, and shoves, knowing he was ahead in chips with enough to still get back in it if he lost. Waiting for Mike's likely call, Tim heard something that will haunt his poker dreams: Rich calling first. Tim forgot about Rich!!! So now, Rich, who had just taken significant chips from both Mike and Tim in previous hands, decided to start swinging on this hand as well. Mike insta-calls and we have Tim and Mike all in, and Rich mostly in, with the pot edging close to $200k. Cards are flipped, and Mike is drooling as he sees Tim is dead, and Rich can only take it if he hits his flush draw. Tim is now rooting for Mike, giving him heartburn for the rest of the evening. The turn comes......junk. The river, in all it's bastardly, who-gets-screwed ways, floats the Ace of mutha-fucking clubs onto the pile. Mike is instantly out, easily covered by Rich. But it's close for Tim, and he counts the stacks. In the end, Tim comes up about $5k short and Rich now has half the chips on the table. In round 3. Rich accomplished two things: he became the dominant bettor at the table for most of the game with his fuck-you chips, and he has made sure that vengeance will be swift and embarrassing. Rich wouldn't really know this ahead of time, but knocked out the two most competitive and vocal players in the League, by making what could conservatively be called Pulling A Dærick to the power of 10. Making fun of bad calls is what Mike and Tim do best. Getting knocked out when someone makes a crazy call is what they do worst. The only thing that could have eclipsed the chaos of that hand is if he managed to bust out Fernando as well. The earth may have split open and swallowed us all if that had happened. Congrats to Rich for now being part of CBPL! lore. I can only hope that Rich fares well after these coming games. His wife, Lisa, is still young, she'll be able to start over...

Moving along. After two heavy hitters got dropped, Fernando thought he was going to sit pretty and just wait for the right time to move over the top of everyone else. But, despite having cards left and right, he either didn't get the calls when he needed them, or got way too many of them ruining his ideal plan for poker domination. Kelly took a small measure of satisfaction in 1) taking a significant pot from Tim and 2) possibly outlasting him at the table for the first time. She also tried to throw some smack his way to rub it in, but it will take a lot more than that to get under his skin. And, let's remember Tim has her number. That number is 8!

There was an unusual amount of party fouls at the game, all perpetrated by Mr. Prugh, who thought his chip stack early on garnered him a measure of sloppiness unseen at a CBPL! game. Total count was 4.75 party fouls out of a possible 6 points. One was a half foul, due to the cat-like reflexes of his wife, Lisa, who we suspect may have seen this before and she was poised to take care of it. The other was a quarter foul; Rich was unaware of a bottle in the way as he was exiting the building, but it was caught in time. It was the potential for the foul that earned him a quarter point.

Maybe it was the location, maybe it was the giant orange moon that eventually rose that evening. But it brought out some entertaining banter:

Janeane, talking to Mike - "Ew, no! Why are you talking to me?" This gave us a glimpse into what it was like to take a seat next to Janeane in 10th grade, but she shut the person right down, kicking his ego in the balls. But the persistent ones come back, no matter how many times his balls are kicked. And that person was.... Mike Walter.

Fernando, after a hand that Fernando laid down to Dærick: "Was my king live, at least?"
Dærick - "It was live against my King," said with a "take that, sucka" head roll.
Fernando - "So, the short answer is no..."

Finally, Janeane provided more entertainment, when discussing a hand with Fernando.
Fernando - "yeah, I was drawing to an inside straight."
Janeane - "I was drawing to an outside straight!"
Laughter was had by all!

FBombs were moderate this time. Mainly because the two main instigators were gone for the the entire time she played. Which, looking back now offers some interesting insight. She never FBombs Pretty Boy Fernando and has no respect for Blattoidae BlaberiDærick. And her placement in this game could be an indicator of something....

And finally, after much ado about nothing, here are the finalities after the excitement was removed from the table.

8 - Mike, busted by Rich, Nut flush over Trip Ks.
7 - Tim, busted by Rich, same fucking hand over Ks and 3s.
6 - Lisa, busted by Dærick, two pair over two pair
5 - Kelly, busted by Tim, I mean Fernando (sorry, habit) two pair over pair
4 - Fernando, busted by Janeane, A over K taking a saw buck from the table.


3- Rich, busted by Dærick, Ace kicker on same two pair taking $20 in prize money, and $10 in bounties that will come back to haunt him.
2 - Dærick, busted by Janeane, flush over "what the hell are you playing" taking $50 in prize money and $10 in bounties
1 - goes to the homer, Janeane winning $105 in prize money and $15 in bounties. Giving her serious bragging rights in the Walter home!

Some bonus points were passed around:

Janeane picked up two full houses
Rich pulled in a boat
Fernando showed them all up by hauling a straight flush. The flush was straight, but the word is still out on Fernando.

Thank you to the Walters for providing to the venue for our shenanigans. We are looking to head down to the Playa for the July Battle so we can enjoy cooler climes, and walk to the beach if we get the hook early. The game will be Pot Limit Hold Em. Let the counting begin!!


2016 Game 4

She's back! With a Fucking Vengeance!

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May 22nd, 2016:
We welcomed two long lost players back to the felt. Mike and Janeane finally decided to come back and mingle with the common folk. Janeane was the more stable of the group this time, as Mike was drowning his inhibitions, thinking this was going to be a different type of event. "I was down for some stud tonight," Mike said, as he stood up, unbuckling his belt. Janeane jumped up to stop the insanity, telling us about Mike having several beers and her having all the iced tea she was allowed to drink. Soon, Mike realized he would not be getting the D, and the game settled back down to normal levels of debauchery.

Besides welcoming two of the regulars, we filled up our Asian quota for the first time in quite a while, as John T came back to hit the felt. John was making a statement early on, picking up three, yes three, full houses and a set of quads in the first hour of the game! In addition to those, the game saw 4 other full houses in that same timespan, and then one more later giving out total of 11 bonus points for the game. In a HOLD 'EM game, not an Omaha game...

John showed his usual self when he was involved in a hand, throwing out bets and raises as if it was a rule that you could not check or fold any hand ever. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. It also lead to him getting involved in more than a few all-ins including one where he spiked quads on the river to keep his game alive a little longer. Susan liked the cards she was playing so much that she got them over and over and over. But she rarely was able to convert it to chips, and it meant she was the first person to hit the rail. But she was cool with that as she wanted to get down with Lou on a hot Saturday night.

Dærick was getting a little uppity this time. Knowing the better Gross poker player was not at the table, he took the opportunity to throw some weight around, and for a short time was in contention to be the second Boba Fett in league history, after the clearly superior Tim (depending on context), who decided he didn't want to share that title with the likes of Dærick, when he took out a player.

Places 7 through 5 went down rather quickly, and the movement of chips began to slow, piling more and more in front of Mike. Janeane managed to get to the bubble, only to contemplate her future with Mike as he popped the bubble for her. We got down to the nitty gritty, and Tim made a move to add Dærick to the list of the losers for the evening. He threw down his 8s in the hole, and Dærick turned over his AK. The flop gave Dærick a near certain double-up, and caused Tim to shout "FUUUUUCK!" And in the space of a flip of the turn, the 8 came changing Tim's shout of anger into joy and cookies, as he took down yet another Gross.

This lead to a familiar setting: Mike and Tim vying for 1 and 2 at the end of the game. Chips were stacked in Mike's favor, but they moved to Tim soon after the heads-up. But race after race saw the chips piled again in front of Mike to the tune of about 9 to 1, with Tim calling Mike's blind all in, going blind himself. And though it was not a chip and a chair, it was still the start of another come-from-behind victory for Tim. A few more all ins and it was done, giving Tim his 3rd victory in 4 games.

When then dust settled and the crowd died down, the leaderboard was declared from on high:

7th - Susan, busted by Dærick, river straight over a pair.
6th - John, busted by Dærick, 10s over AK
5th - Fernando, busted by Tim, flush over paid
4th - Janeane, busted by Mike, flush over high card


3rd - Dærick, busted by Tim, trip 8s over Aces, taking $10 in bounties and $15 in prize money.
2nd - Mike, busted by Tim, Aces over Kings, taking $5 in bounties and $45 in prize money.
1st - Tim, taking $20 in bounties and $90 in prize money.

One thing that was definitely missed this season was the musical salvos fired by Janeane with her F-Bombs, and we made up for lost time. We saw F-Bombs at 0:41, 2:38, 2:45(x2), 3:10, 3:14(x2) and 3:15. Welcome back, Janeane! We missed you and your dulcet explicatives...

Officially, bonus points were handed out as follows:

John: Quads and 3 full boats, 6 points
Janeane: 2 full houses, 2 points
Susan: 2 full houses, 2 points
Mike: 1 full house, 1 point

Much thanks to the generous victor and champion of this current season, Tim! Our next game will be held at the Walters' Den of Un-Inequity on Jun 25th. We will be venturing into new territory, playing 5 Card Draw!! Come for the fun, stay for the chaos!!


2016 Game 3

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April 23rd, 2016:
Dateline: April 23, 2016. The scene: a poker table somewhere in the vast Metropolis of Moorpark, a wretched hive of scum and villainy...

6 players showed up to see who would walk out with 65% and 35%, approximately, and $5 bounties. It was a typical bunch of players that we have seen before. The New Mom, The Wine Lover, The Producer, The Goddam Spammer and the Cider Guy, who brings the cider for all to share. This makes up 5 players at the table. The 6th was an old friend to all, but his true identity would soon be revealed.

Play followed a typical pattern for the season and did so swiftly. Chips we moving fast and settling in front of the player yet to be named, even as bonus points were thrown out to a few. Quickly they fell, and it was Cooper who took the first blast to the chest, revealing the ememy within: Boba Fett. Ladies and gents, the man behind the mask finally revealed himself, and that man was Tim.

The Producer thought he was solid with his nut flush, flipping over his cards with a grin that countless starlets have seen right before sitting down on the casting couch. Boba was ready, turning over a full house to put him out of commission.

Bolstered by a couple bottles of wine and a deep seeded desire to win on home turf, Susan stepped up next to challenge Boba. But the wine and lack of card power proved too much and she was sent to the mines on Bespin, showing down a pair against two pair.

Seeing Susan fall, a pair of grifters made their moves. First The Goddamn Spammer, who felt bigger than his britches. Standing up for all the galaxies in this universe, who agree that Internet spam is easily the worst thing to have been invented in the history of ever, Boba vaporized him with yet another full house over flush. Seeing her worse half go down like Greedo on interspecies longshoreman day at the spaceport, The New Mom threw her best pair at him. But, Boba Fett is no pushover and tossed trips her way. And in the span of two hands, they were both escorted away.

This put us in position to watch as The Cider Guy had a chance to go toe to toe with Boba Fett yet a second time. The first go around, he managed to hang on for the victory, keeping Boba Fett at bay and taking all the chips. Tonight proved to be an insurmountable onslaught. Boba Fett held onto the Straight Bomb until he needed it, shredding The Cider Guy's trips and showing the table who was in charge that night. Boba Fett's job was complete. 5 Bounties collected for The Dark Side.

And that's all she wrote. The official list for the game is below:

6th - Cooper, busted by Tim, nut flush losing to a full house
5th - Susan, busted by Tim, two pair over pair
4th - Dærick, busted by Tim, full house over flush
3rd - Kelly, busted by Tim (again), trips over two pair
2nd - Fernando, busted by Tim, straight over his trips, taking $40 in prize money

1st - Boba Tim. Cleaning out the scum and villainy and taking home $85 in prize money and $30 in bounties. And most importantly, the first Boba Fett badge.

Thanks to Susan for hosting the game and putting up with our antics.

Bonus points for the game:

Full house points for Tim (x2), Cooper, and Fernando.
Boba Fett points for Tim.

Stay tuned for the next ganme's date and location!!


2016 Game 2

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March 19th, 2016:
Game two in the 2016 season went right for throat. We played Seven Card Stud for the only time this season, and it sent the haters running to the hills! Fernando was out of town, and he came back looking like a baby he was so happy to have missed it! It sent perennial Seven Stud winner Mike W running to the sea to drink with men on a boat. Come to think of it, that may not be why. Hi wife was absent as well, stalking Tom Hiddleston somewhere. Usually, we get one or two of the posers to sit with us, but this time only Ron showed up to join Tim, Dærick and Susan.

Seven Stud is spiteful bitch, and it will find someone it feels is not up to the task and basically give them a steaming pile of crap all night. A "deuce," if you will. And, catching steaming deuces all night was Ron, ruining it for all the others. And if someone else had a deuce, you can bet dollars to dingleberries that Ron was tossing a 2 of clubs into the salad.

There was a lot of chip movement, per usual, and we all got "Ronned" at one point, but I can't say too much because he was the 4th that made it all happen. And after the witty banter and joyful celebration, we managed to settle the list into an order that determined who finished 2nd and 3rd, with 4th and 1st falling in place by default.

After 4 hours of deuces being flung all over the place, players were dropped off at the pool one after the other, leaving one sitting on the rim, king of them all:

4th place - Susan, busted by Tim, pair over pair.
3rd place - Dærick, busted by Ron, two pair over a pair. Ron ruined the Boba Fett for me. There is always one.
2nd place - Ron, once again busted by Tim, Full House cracking aces, getting him $5 in bounties and $25 in prize money.

And finally, the marathon battle ended with one standing tall, and a little buzzed on alcoholic cherry cola. Tim took home $50 in prize money and $10 in bounties.

There were a couple of points to hand down.

Dærick hit the rare, Seven Stud Deuce
Tim closed out the game with a Full Outhouse.

Much thanks to Tim for hosting, and remember, we are always looking for other hosts. Host only pays the bounty, so if you're interested talk to Dærick or Tim. Well, maybe don't talk to Tim unless you have to, it is usually safer to avoid social contact or looking him in the eyes.

The next game will be setting up shop in some hole in the wall in Moorpark. Susan's hole in the wall, specifically, where we all get back to the great equalizer, unless you're Dærick, and will play some straight up No Limit Hold 'Em!


2016 Game 1

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February 20th, 2016:
The 2016 season opened like all previous seasons have before; with the first Hold 'Em game of the season bringing tears, anger, denial, bargaining and eventually acceptance. Except this year there is one extra day to grouse over it. There was an intimate gathering of folks, all looking to shake up the poker world. But, let's face it, we're not going to do that. And the Grössi brought their own enforcer, Taavi, The Blue Agave, Gröss, hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico where he wrestled under that name in the Mexican Wresting League. So, things were pretty sedate until the end.

In what has almost become a requirement, Tim pulled out into a pretty big lead early, only to have a few hands disagree with the strategy of Kelly, Dærick, Susan or Fernando. As such, that big lead dwindled to about 20% of the original stack. But, Kelly was playing and when she does, Tim has a mission: BUST KELLY! And after a few well placed wins and a bust of Dærick, bust Kelly he did, for the 8 or 9th time out of 10 appearances. *LET'S GO TO THE ARCHIVES TO FIND OUT! Vanna, tell them the actual number! (officially 7 out of 10 season games since 2014 - Vanna) After a time, Tim was back in the saddle again dominating the table, and on his way to taking the first Boba Fett award!. As we got down to the end of the game it settled into a pile of people with one guy at the top who dodged 5 goddamn bullets heads-up to stand atop the pile. In the end, here is what was left...

5th - Dadrick, busted by Tim - 2 pair over KK
4th - Kelly Rain, busted by Tim - AA over a busted draw
3rd - Susan, busted by Tim - flopped straight over AA

And what should have been an easy cruise to a 1st place win, a Boba Fett and more spending cash turned out to be a 2 hour nightmare, sucking the monster stack away from Tim and over to Fernando.

2nd - Tim, busted by Fernando - Pair over pair, taking $15 in bounties, and $35 in prize money
1st place goes to the little player that could, taking $10 in bounties and $65 in cash.

We had but a single bonus point to give away this time; 1 point to Kelly for a full house as consolation for the beating taken yet again at the hands of Tim.

The members of the CB!PL would like to thank Susan for hosting this game, but we are contractually obligated to keep our gratitude to ourselves.

Next up is March Madness!!! We will be playing possibly the most hated game in the rotation; 7 Card Stud. Let's get the word out! No more 5 player games!! We need to see those 12 and 14 player games!! Remember kids, bigger games equal bigger prizes, so go find some dead money and bring a friend!!

Make it happen, players!!


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