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May 20th, 2017:
CB!PL christened the new Gröss abode in style as we played the season's first Stud game. Everyone sitting down at the table took a moment to size up the competition, then immediately asked "how do we play this one again?"... It was clear it was going to be a bloodbath.

The first omen to be seen was Ben "I've never played Stud before" Peck showing down a Full House on his first hand. It was going to be that kind of night. The only other Full House of the night also came in the first round, when Susan rivered one to poke Tim in the eye as he was chasing a flush. Speaking of Tim, he ended up folding to Ben "I really honestly have never played Stud before" Peck assuming he had a Full House. We will never know (he did). All of this happened in just the first round. We also had our first knock out of the night in the first round... Tim put his flush up against Dærick's better flush, and was promptly escorted to the door. He did earn a point for the night though... everyone's a winner.

Feeling left out of the shenanigans, Fernando decided he'd spend the majority of the second round in the Big Blind position. No one else had a problem with this. Dærick saw his stack grow and shrink in typical fashion, even taunting Susan as she had him on the ropes, rivering a chance to stay alive when he should by rights have been escorted out of the game. The Poker Gods (Praise Be Unto Them) saw fit to both reward Ben and punish Dærick in one fell swoop, granting Ben a double-knock out over Dærick and Susan both, his 10s and 7s prevailing over Dærick's Qs and Susan's flush draw. Fernando eked out a small $1000 portion of the $60000+ pot, Ben drew new breath and renewed life.

Throughout the hustle and bustle, one player sat quietly and played consistently well. Avoiding drama until it was time to strike, Kelly Rain bided her time effectively. Once the table was down to three, she found her moment to send Ben to the discard pile. He went in strong with Qs and 7s only to be met with Ks and 4s. Kelly Rain won her retrbution for Ben knocking her man out (before she could do it herself), and found herself in the money going head to head against Fernando.

The two titans traded chips back and forth for a while, but ultimately the Poker Gods (Praise Be Unto Them) decided that Fernando would be handed the game, his trip Qs dominating Kelly Rain's pair of 5s.

The game unfolded thusly:

6th place: Tim, who earned a point for the night (everyone's a winner!), knocked out by Dærick
5th place: Susan, who was knocked out as part of a double whammy by Ben
4th place: Dærick, also knocked out by Ben in the same hand, taking home $5 in bounties
3rd place: Ben, knocked out by a vengeful Kelly Rain, taking home $10 in bounties

(POP) went the bubble...

2nd place: Kelly Rain, knocked out by Fernando, taking home $40 in winnings and $5 in bounties
1st place: Fernando, bringing in $85 in winnings and $10 in bounties, more than making up for being the perpetual Big Blind for the night...

And lo, the night then drew to a close. Bloodied and bruised, the group bade each other farewell. Looking ahead, the CB!PL 2017 season will take a trip to Nebraska to play some Omaha. Come join us in June, watch for info on the next game! Thanks to the Grösseses for their hospitality and for moving to a place that is easier to get to and easier to park at for games.


2017 Game 2

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April 22nd, 2017:


2017 Game 1

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February 18th, 2017:
On a chilly February Saturday at dusk, the 2017 C'Mon Baby! Poker League began its 7th momentous season, gathering in Susan's new wretched hive of scum and villainy. Its wretchedness matched only by it's spacious non-wretchedness and pool! Stay tuned to for pool poker in July!

We hosted old veterans (Susan, Fernando and three time League winner, 2016 Champion, and totally humble dude Tim), some who show their face once in a while to pick the right fucking time to suck out on the river on basically a do-or-die hand against Tim (Alec), an ex-pro that really only focused on the ex part and also the winner of the very first league game, Mr Glory Days (Jason), a young up-start maverick who was taking no shit from Didi's dealing (Shawn), and Didi, who enjoyed dealing so much that he decided to stop playing early and deal all night. For that, Didi gets the CB!PL Participant Spotlight Award. Way to participate!!

The game started like they always do, lots of swearing, moving chips to Tim and Tim generously boosting the confidence of those at the table. If there was a theme, it was "Hey, wanna have some of my whiskey?" Lots of it was being poured into red solo cups, making the game a little loose (looking at you Shawn), and certainly entertaining. Toward the middle of the second half of the game, Shawn was throwing his chips in the middle more to see what he actually had, more than anything else. It was the Shawn Shoves Show for a while, prompting Alec to call him crazy. Yes, Alec. Those that know, know. After Alec pointed out what was obvious, Shawn shut the crazy talk down, saying he was an Adrenaline Drunky. Alec then followed up with "Yeah, you drink your Adrenalines." To those not there, seeing this here in print may not do the exchange much justice, but I thought it was one of the funniest quotes from our games ever. And, drinking those Adrenalines helped him slide into second place like a jilted lover going to a hooker; slow and drunk.

After the first bust, the group became friends and and played poker for a long time before anyone else left the table. But, in the end, it all ends up the same, with a pile of bodies off to the side, growing larger as the table gets smaller. And here is the casualty list from Game One, 2017:

7th DiDi, busted by Tim, Flush over 9s
6th Jason, busted by Alec, QQ over Ace high
5th Susan, busted by Tim, 2 pair over Ace high
4th Fernando, busted by Shawn, AK over A8
3rd (Bitter) Tim, busted by Alec, rivered straight over As and 7s, taking down $10 in bounties and $15 in prize money.
2nd Shawn, busted by Alec two pair over AA, taking home $5 in bounties and $40 in Prizes
1st If you can't figure it out by now, you probably shouldn't read these anymore, he took $20 in bounties and $90 in Prize Money that he should choke on.

Much thanks to Susan for opening her home to the game. Next game is at Tim's Den of Inequity. Stay tuned for more details.

We had no extra points to give out at all this time.

As the 2017 season rang the opening bell, another Poker Tournament came to an end when we learned of the passing of one of our own: Ron Edmunds. He came on the scene virtually unknown. Or, actually unknown, showing up at his first game and no one there knew who he was. But it turned out he was an as-yet-to-be-known cousin of Dærick (not quite accurate... he was my newly-discovered-cousin's wife's son's grandfather), and after one CB!PL-sponsored dealer's choice game, he was hooked. He took his first win in Game 5 of the 2014 season, then a handful of solid cashes over the rest of his time with us. His last game with us was Game Two of the 2016 season, when he and Tim went toe to toe at the end and took second place. That second place finish was enough to get him into the 2016 season finals, but unfortunately he was not in any condition to play by then. Susan carried the torch for Ron instead in the final game. He was a very vocal player, was great at throwing his cards in disgust, loved to taunt Fernando, and hated that Tim taunted him, and that he could never get the upper hand on Tim. He was a good guy, loved to eat whatever food was at the game, and if he played at Dærick's place, didn't mind the alcohol, either. He was a friend to all of us at CB!PL, and he will be missed.

R.I.P. Ron