The House

When used in the context of rules, "The House" refers to Tim and Dærick. If a dispute ever comes up (so far one never has) someone has to make the call, and these fine examples of human-people are ready to do just that.

The Short 'n' Sweet


  • Standard table sizes defined (S/M/L)
  • Boba Fett and Placement Points revised to match Table Size
  • Crown Bonus revised to match multiple game types within a season
  • Draw and Pot-Limit Hold'Em formally scheduled and played
  • HOSDpl formally scheduled as the Champions game


  • Bounty Hunter ("Boba Fett") bonus revised
  • Club 72 Badge created for the 7/2 bonus
  • HOS formally scheduled as the Champions game


  • Website upgrade
  • Five Dollar Frenzy created
  • Bounty Hunter ("Boba Fett") bonus added
  • Royal Flush and 7/2 Winner bonuses added to Legendary Hands
  • Stud formally scheduled and played
  • HOS tested in the December game


  • Official domain acquired
  • Omaha formally scheduled and played
  • Stud tested in the December game
  • Legendary Hands bonus introduced


  • Website upgrade
  • CB!PL FB group created
  • Omaha tested in the December game
  • Bounty system made offical and integrated into the League


  • Website created
  • League structure formalized
  • Stats maintained
  • C'Mon Baby! made the official group name


  • Players come and go, core group begins to form
  • Poker nights begin, become semi-regular

  • Boba Fett

    The Bounty Hunter Bonus

    Are you a Bounty Hunter? Do you thrive on knocking out your competition personally? If you've got the right stuff and manage to single-handedly send the rest of the table home encased in Carbonite, you've just earned yourself a coveted Boba Fett badge and extra points in the standings!

    CB!PL's Origins

    So way back in 2000 or so (memory is a bit fuzzy on the exact start of it all) a couple of longtime friends decided they wanted to play poker on a (kinda) regular basis. Dærick had only been back in California for less than a year after being gone for nearly ten. Somewhere along the line Tim and Dærick got to talking, which usually leads to trouble and tears. In this case, it lead to what would become a long-standing tradition (and some trouble and tears). The early games were far from organized or well planned, just a handful of friends looking to play some cards and have fun.

    We began playing at Tim's apartment as that was the only venue with any room available (and no one else volunteered to host). Those early games were a mix of coworkers and friends, which now that I think about it is still pretty much the mix we have today. Most of the CB!PL regulars of today began playing with us back in the first few years of playing.

    Around 2004ish or so, games shifted to mostly Dærick's place, as his new place was big enough to host more comfortably. With the more open space and a keener interest in getting more serious about playing, a push was made to host larger events. A couple of summer games were held with two and three tables going, and from there we couldn't go back. Things had evolved into a more formalized state, and the league as it exists today began to come together. Over the next couple of years games became more consistent and more organized. By 2006 or 2007 the league was rolling in just about every way except one thing... We never actually decided to call it a league or set up any standings.


    SINCE 2011

    Going in to March of 2011, Dærick's O/C tendencies couldn't take it anymore... He started tracking statistics for the games. This very quickly led to the need to put a structure around it, and all that was needed was a name. Pulling from our collective memories, a standout moment from years past was chosen to represent who we are as a group. One game many years ago, All-In Alan got a call from his then girlfriend during a game and what followed was perhaps the most hilarious, awkward, and memorable moments in our long time playing together. Without going in to too much detail, Alan was apparently in a bit of trouble with his lady, and at one point had retorted (rather loudly) "Aw, c'mon baby, why you gotta be like that?" The rest is history.

    This site soon followed as a place to archive those statistics (because Dærick doesn't half-ass his O/C nature), and by 2012 Tim created the CB!PL Facebook group page. Going in to 2012 Games have shifted back to the Landucci's place, as well as Susan's (since Dærick had the nerve to move out of the county). 2012 saw Omaha make its first official appearance, and Bounties were formalized into the point system. 2013 introduced the Legendary Hands bonus as well as Stud to the League. In 2014, the Five Dollar Frenzy was debuted. We also began tracking Bad Beats, and expanded the Legendary Hands bonus to award 25 points for Royal Flushes and a point for any pocket Seven-Deuce that shows down and wins the hand. Additionally in 2014, the website was updated to at least look like it may have been created in 2007 or so...


    1st Place
    Shiny Gold Star!

    2nd Place
    Slightly Tarnished
    Silver Star!

    3rd Place
    Dented Copper Star

    4th Place
    The Bubble (pop!)
    Aw, So Cute That
    You Tried...

    1st Out
    Well, At Least You're
    First At Something!

    Legendary Hands

    7/2 Winner (+1)

    You won with that?

    Full Houses (+1)

    Read 'em and weep...

    4 of a Kind (+3)


    Straight Flushes (+5)

    You know you Rivered it...

    Royal Flushes (+25)

    Oh godammit...