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Roman R

Janeane W
2014 Champion

Fernando C
2013 Champion

Mike W
2013 Studtacular

Janeane W
2012 Champion

Susan M
2011 Champion

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Non-Season Events Recaps and Stats

2014 Champions Game

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January 10th, 2015:
The game we have been waiting for all year was finally here. The 2014 C'Mon, Baby! Poker League Championship Game was set to be a big one! 2014 Player Of The Year, Tim L, was in attendance with a target squarely on his back! We had 9 players in attendance, dipping into the alternates due to two no-shows. Andrew was the fill-in, and quickly made himself unwelcome with a play that caused Tim to steam the entire night (we like Andrew -D). Rounding out the table were Dærick, Shelby, Ron, Mike W, Janeane, Fernando and our gracious host Susan, who provided a dinner spread to fill us up.

There wasn't much drama early on, save for when Andrew decided he was a poker pro and ran a bluff (we found out later) that pushed Tim off a huge pot, despite him being pretty sure he had the best hand. Don't pull that shit again, Andrew!! Andrew took a big chip lead then, but then the chips got redistributed all over the place throughout the game.

Except they never really piled up in front of Dærick. He chose the night with the biggest prize pool as the night to try a different tactic entirely. He got to see the error of his ways from the rail, early, and then proceeded to do what he does best: irritate the remaining players until the game is over so he can get into the second game. Unfortunately he went out first, so we got the full Dærick Gross Comedy Tour routine. It is believed Dærick's antics knock as much as 30 minutes off of a typical game because everyone just wants to shut him up! (lesson: if I go down, I take everyone with me -D)

Tim came the closest yet to popping the Club 72 Badge cherry, taking a Seven Deuce gem deep into a hand, only to get beat at the showdown.

Mike manged the biggest roller coaster ride of the night, going up and down in chips frequently, usually refreshing his stack at the expense of Tim. Tim is nice like that.

Ron's senility was in full effect, where he forgot the chip denominations every hand. Fernando, however, was gracious enough to offer his help whenever Ron needed it. Fernando is a good guy! No wonder Janeane loves his face! (and really, who doesn't?)

An interesting note: Other than winning the 2011 Championship, Susan has placed third in every other Championship game. She likes third... it's comfortable.

Janeane was really quiet for most of the night. But just before the stroke of 11:00, the F-Bomb flood gates were opened, and we got a total of 7 F-Bombs between then and the end of the game, about 30 minutes later. And we saw a variety from her this time, not just the typical f*ck. We heard f*cker, motherf*cker and f*ck you. So, we knew it was serious! It did, however, seem to turn things around for her!

After a late start on a rainy night, the Championship Game rounded out like this:

(Tim forgot to note who busted who. Slacker.)

9th Place - Dærick
8th Place - Ron
7th Place - Shelby
6th Place - Andrew
5th Place - Tim
4th Place - Fernando
3rd Place - Susan
2nd Place - Mike

And first place, taking home the $210 prize pool, was Janeane. She became the C'Mon, Baby! Poker League's first repeat champion, winning in 2012 and 2014. We can expect her to turn up her F-Bombs since that seemed to turn the tide in this game.

We played our traditional 2nd game without Fernando, who got impatient and left 5 minutes before the Championship game finished. We played in Frenzy format, and Mike took down the $25 prize money. Drunk Janeane also made an appearance, giving us a glimpse into the bedroom of Mike and Janeane when Mike's mom is there. It was as uncomfortable as it sounds.

The first game of 2015 is fast approaching!!! Due to Valentine's day and anniversaries and stuff, we are looking at February 7th to get the 2015 party started!! We will have a few new changes for the league, including point adjustments for some bonuses, as well as adding the Triple Crown bonus, which will be given if any player wins a Hold Em, Omaha and 7 Stud game all in the same season. This bonus can possibly be won twice in a season!

If you've played here in the past, but didn't show up too often (or at all) in 2014, WE EXPECT YOU BACK IN 2015!!! We only had two tables one time last season, and we want to make a legitimate attempt to have that second table each game!!! I'm looking at you Jason, John, John, Alan, James, Alec and all the others who have been here and then forsaken us!!

Here are the first 3 games coming up:

Feb 7 - Hold Em - Tim's house (Simi)
Mar 14 - Hold Em - Susan's house (Moorpark)
Apr 18 - Omaha - Mike and Janeane's house (West Hills)

More games and locations will be determined later in the season. Remember, we can always use more hosts, and they get a $25 credit for the game!! So, if interested, make sure you talk with Tim or Dærick, and get your name in the drawing for locations.

Good luck to all in 2015!


2013 Champions Game

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January 18th, 2014:
And so we put the 2013 Come On Baby Poker League season to rest:

The night started with a bang. Dærick had his aces in the hole cracked on the very first hand, but got lucky that it didn't do too much damage. And then the very next hand, Janeane received the gift of quads. But, thinking she was playing to get the extra points, did not take advantage of it, probably taking less chips than she could have.

Tim opened an early lead, nearly doubling his stack. But, three unfortunate bounces cost him a lot of chips and by the second hour he was nursing his stack. It was a common sight to see Tim have no choice but to fold against the big flushes that seemed always hit the board. But the poker gods decided to take pity on him, and for once he managed to take a swim in the river instead of drown, hitting the river king that filled in his straight and send Janeane into fits. That triple up carried him through to to the end.

Susan started strong, dropped off and then used the luck of the Irish to turn her tiny stacks into bigger stacks. This carried her through to the final three.

Mike Walter managed to wear the First Out crown with dignity, heading to the Loser's Couch while Janeane played on. Janeane let the F Bombs fly all night as she continued to get frustrated, usually by the play of Tim. But, all the ska power in the world couldn't save her and she made an untimely exit.

John, playing in only his second game with the CB!PL crew, stayed solid most of the night, but managed to get down to two chips and a chair. The poker gods smiled again, and he turned those two chips into a small fortune late into the game. But, he ran into a buzz saw making a critical error when he tried to push Fernando off of Janeane's all-in move that he could have checked down. John's hand couldn't hold out against Fernando's trip deuces, and he lost most of his chips. Soon after, he went to the rail.

Fernando took those chips from John, and never looked back, charging into the final three, which happened to shape up as the top three in the season's standings for 2013. Once it was heads-up with Tim, he had a dominating 4 to 1 chip stack. It went back and forth for a while, until Tim's 9s ran into Fernando's AJ. The flop hit the Jack, and though Tim managed the straight to the king on the river, it gave Fernando the nut straight and the win.

A big thanks to all the players who came to the table in 2013. We hope to see you all come back, and maybe even bring in some more dead money, I mean, new players!!


2013 Friday the 13th Studtacular

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December 13th, 2013:
The final (non-league) game of the year was an interesting one! We play-tested Seven Card Stud, and I think the play-test told us a lot of valuable information. First off, don't play a new type of poker on a Friday night game. We started with a blind schedule that wasn't a good one, but I think we know how to adjust it to make it work for Seven Stud. And we added another chip level that turned out to be unnecessary. But overall, I think the game was a winner, and will definitely make the rotation in 2014. Preliminary guess is 2 Omaha, 2 Stud, 5 Hold Em and 1 mixed game if we can figure out how to incorporate them all into one game easily.

The theme for the night was DEUCUES!! They showed up a lot as the opening up-card, but no one had them more than Susan McCaughan! Unfortunately, that meant for the entire time Tim Landucci played, he was getting the big blind. That curse carried over to Mike Walter to some extent, but by my count, I was hit with the big blind 1,437 times last night.

Mike managed to steamroll the whole table, busting everyone out (too bad for him it wasn't a league game!). I take some of the credit for that, as I was the first victim, playing a moderate hand with huge draws into his made hand, essentially doubling him up when we were the top two in chips to begin with. Susan and Janeane Walter managed to hold out to the final three by having the worst run of cards ever, thus not being tempted to play any hands! But ultimately, no one could contend with Mike's ability to push everyone around and it paid off. Janeane took second, making this an All-Walter affair.

Final results for the night:
6th - Tim L
5th - Shelby L
4th - Dærick G, whose Rain Main- Like focus on the antes was in full affect.
3rd - Susan "Deuce Deuce" M
2nd - Janeane W - taking $30 ($15 after Mike took his "taxes.")
1st - Mike W - taking in $60

Thanks to everyone who showed up to play and help work out the bugs!


2012 Champions Game

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January 19th, 2013:
Poker fans, we can close the book on 2012. The finalists came together for one final winner-take-all showdown, playing for $220 gathered into the prize pool. We ended up with 8 after a last-minute scratch.

It was not a good night for Tim L. I had 2 pretty good hands early on, but I got clobbered on both, and fucked on the river (again) to get knocked out by Dærick G.

Alan A, who had no right to any luck at all (that will be explained at a later date), was catching dream cards at the right time. A straight flush that didn't need to be showed, immediately followed by quads on the next hand. That doesn't take into account all the other hands he was swimming in. Alan had most of the chips for most of the game.

Final order for the evening (I think. I didn't write it down):
Tim L
Dærick G
Fernando C
John T
Mike W
Susan M
Alan A

...and congratulations goes to Janeane W. She started with a huge stack early, weathered a run of bad cards, caught quads of her own, went heads up against Alan's huge stack, and in the course of two or three hands at the end, took it all down. Just Enough Janeane did just enough to take home the cash once again, prompting the league to set new placings. We will now pay 7 places, with 7th through 4th, getting $1 each place.

Thanks to everyone who played this season, and mark your calendars for February 16th, as we kick off the 2013 season!


2011 Champions Game

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Friday the 13th Studtacular



2012 Champions Tourney


2011 Champions Tourney