The House

When used in the context of rules, "The House" refers to Tim and Dærick. If a dispute ever comes up (so far one never has) someone has to make the call, and these fine examples of human-people are ready to do just that.

Applying The Rules

Everyone comes in thinking they know the game, and by and large they do. But what about weird edge cases where some obscure thing happens? What is the authoritative source to refer to? Rules can sometimes be tricky, but CB!PL uses the following to settle open questions or the offchance dispute (we used to refer to Hoyle's Rules Of Games, third edition, but in over 10 years of play we've never once opened that book).

First, if it is an issue of an obscure rule during a game, we look to see if there is a knowledgable player at the table who can help describe the solution they know to get us through the moment. In the case this isn't applicable or there is a solid dispute (also has never come up in over 10 years of play) we will turn to Robert's Rules of Poker over at the extremely helpful site. If for some reason an answer cannot be found there, we will crack open the Hoyle book to see if it listed there. The absolute final answer for any question or dispute will come from the House, who has absolute authority to make judgments when no other ruling is available.


CB!PL House Rules

So, you've been invited over to play poker... You know the game, you know the people, so it's all good, right? Well, mostly, sure. But even though this is an evening for fun with friends, there is also that pesky business of money on the table. No one has fun if they feel cheated or that they missed out on something because they didn't know a particular House Rule. So, this page has been put together to help make sure everyone has fun the whole night through from start to finish.

Please Read Through This Page!

We cannot stress this enough! Seriously. PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS. Silly as posting rules may be, we are all here for fun and maybe a little cash. You are responsible for being grown up enough to know these House Rules and respect everyone at the table.

Games are invite-only.

Do not bring anyone else without clearing it with the Host. This is a hard rule, we do not play with people who have not been invited to sit.

Spouses/dates/kids/friends who are not playing are discouraged... It can be a distraction for everyone and frankly they are likely to be bored. The House is set up for Players, extra guests are not accounted for. If you really want or need to bring someone else along, please clear it with the Host first.


  • If something isn't clear, ask ahead of time.
  • Read these rules, ignorance is no excuse.
  • Respect the Hosts.
  • Respect everyone else at the table.
  • The House is in charge. Period.
  • The House uses Robert's Rules of Poker to settle any disputes over game play.
  • These House Rules on this webpage override any contradictions to the rulebook.
  • The House has final say in any disputes not covered by the House Rules or the rules linked to above.
  • Cheating is subject to an old-school beatdown.
  • The cards speak for themselves.
  • Antes, blinds, timers, chip values, payouts, and buy-ins will be determined and announced at the time of each individual game.
  • Bring enough drinks / snacks to share. It's just polite.
  • Respect the table... use a coaster or a cup holder for your drink on the table. Please avoid spills as much as possible.
  • Smokers, please find where you can go when you arrive. In the house/at the table is not the place.
  • English-only at the table please. If you wish to chit-chat in another language, please do so away form the table or at break times.
  • Jokes and smack talking are encouraged.
  • Arguments and insults are not. Poor attitudes are not welcome.
  • Openly intolerant, bigoted, and/or sexist attitudes and statements are not appreciated and are grounds for being asked to leave.
  • Threats, violence, beligerent behavior, or bringing a weapon will get you thrown out. Immediately.
  • The House has the authority to remove any Player, at any time, for any period of time.
  • The House has the authority to close any game at any time. (money will be returned)
  • Hats are permitted.
  • Sunglasses are not permitted.
  • If you need to wear a hat and sunglasses to hide your tells, you are taking things way too seriously.


  • If you say you will attend a game, then attend.
  • Things happen. If you need to change your RSVP, please do so as early as possible (before game day is prefered).
  • If you say you will attend and are running late, call to let us know.
  • If you called to say you are running late, your seat will be saved and you will be blinded in until you arrive.
  • If you are late and did not call, the game will start and your seat will be held for 30 minutes of play (and blinded in).
  • After 30 minutes, if you are still a no-call/no-show, your seat is lost and chips will be removed from the table. This is an offical Flake.
  • If you Flake, you may not play the next Season game. This is a one-game penalty.
  • Three Flakes in a 12-month period and you will not be invited to play any more.
  • Lesson: Don't say 'yes' unless you mean it, and don't not-call if something comes up.


  • The Host for any game does not buy in. This only applies for one buy-in if there are two players from the same house. This is for official season game buy-ins only.
  • Hosts are drawn from a pool of volunteers for Feb-Apr, May-Aug, and Sep-Dec. This will be for all games, Season and Non-Season.
  • Anyone who wants to Host may offer up their space to do so ahead of the next drawing.
  • Tim and Dærick reserve the right to decline a Host for a particular event or in general.


  • There is never any rake.
  • The House will collect your buy-in before the first deal. No buy-in, no cards.
  • The House will pay out per the scheudle as Players place and leave the table.
  • Once your buy-in is in, it's in. No refunds.
  • If you can't afford to lose, don't play.

    BOUNTIES (post-2012 season)

  • Every player will have a Bounty on their head in season games
  • For every player you bust out, you collect the Bounty money they brought in
  • If you get busted out, you keep the Bounties you collected, but pay the Player who busted you the Bounty money you brought in
  • If you win the game, you keep your own Bounty money


  • No string bets.
  • No Straddle bets (for tournament, no-limit Hold'Em games)
  • Check-raising is acceptable and encouraged.
  • The One-Chip Rule will be used. (Read's rules for details about the One-Chip Rule)
  • No side betting.
  • Stay out of the muck.


  • Seating will be determined randomly before the first deal.
  • Multi-table games may have a Lead seated to assist the House in managing play, determined by the House.
  • Keep your cards on the table. Yes, we know you know this, but do it anyway!
  • DO NOT BET/PLAY OUT OF ORDER. That's just rude.
  • Keep your hands out of the pot unless you are putting your chips in or pulling your winnings out.
  • Making change is acceptable, with the table's consent.
  • Keep your cards and chips on the poker table and in plain view. Keep your high value chips in view. No hiding chips or cards.
  • Never touch another Player's cards or chips, unless with the consent of that Player.
  • Stay off your phone until a break or if you've folded. Do not talk or text at the table.
  • If you choose to leave the table before a break, the cards will not wait for you.
  • Missing Players will be dealt then folded, the House will approve any antes and blinds to be placed in the pot.
  • Rabbit hunting is permitted with the unanimous consent of the rest of the table.
  • Do not 'read' the board possibilities out loud. Example - "A flush is now possible".
  • Drink responsibly. Drunk betting is your own damn fault. Obnoxious Players may be asked to sit out or leave.
  • If you are dealing, know how to shuffle and deal. If you do not know how, ask to have someone deal for you.
  • You are responsible for possessing the button on your turn.
  • If you are dealing, PAY ATTENTION! You're in charge of the hand, stay frosty!
  • If you are playing the hand, PAY ATTENTION! Losing chips because you're distracted is your own fault.
  • The Dead Button Rule shall be used. (Read's rules for Button Help)
  • When the game goes to Heads-Up play, the button will not be assigned in such a way that a Player posts a big blind twice in a row. (Read's rules for Heads-Up Play)


    for Season games and select Non-Season Events

    Small Table: 4-6 Players - Medium Table: 7-10 Players - Large Table: 11+ Players
  • 1 point for every game played.
  • 1 point for every opponent faced and survived.
  • 2 points for every player you personally busted (caveat: in Season 2011,Game 5, two players split this bonus as they jointly busted out another player in a three-way showdown).
  • 2 points for taking all the bounties in at a Small Table, 4 points for at a Medium Table, and 6 points for taking all the bounties at a Large Table (Boba Fett Bonus)
  • Placement Points at a Small Table: 1st=10, 2nd=5
  • Placement Points at a Medium Table: 1st=20, 2nd=13, 3rd=6
  • Placement Points at a Large Table: 1st=30, 2nd=22, 3rd=9, 4th=4
  • 1 point for every Full House revealed in a showdown (regardless if it won the hand).
  • 3 points for every 4 Of A Kind revealed in a showdown (regardless if it won the hand).
  • 5 points for every Straight Flush revealed in a showdown (regardless if it won the hand).
  • 25 points for every Royal Flush revealed in a showdown (you damn well better have won the hand).
  • 1 point for every 7/2 revealed in a showdown and won the hand. This applies to pocket cards for Hold'Em and Omaha, initial down cards for Stud. (Stoopid Hand Bonus)
  • To clarify: You have 7/2 in your pocket and flop a Full House. If you go to showdown, you get the Full House bonus no matter what. If you win the hand, you also get the 7/2 Winner bonus. The 7 and 2 do not both have to play, winning with trip 7s for example would still count.
  • In low-hand games such as Omaha Hi-Lo or Razz, this bonus applies to A/K instead of 7/2.

  • Triple Crown: In a standard season, a Player who wins 1st place in any combination of three different game types adds an extra 5 points to their season stats
  • King's Crown: As above, but not counting Hold'Em games. Worth 7 extra points
  • Emperor's Crown: For a Player who takes 1st in four different game types, adds 5 more points to their previous Crown above
  • Conqueror's Crown: For a Player who takes 1st in every different game type in the season (assumes 5 or more), adds 8 more points to their previous Emperor's Crown
  • Halo of Divinity: For a Player who takes all 10 season games in 1st place, adds an additional 30 points to their previous Conqueror's Crown


  • The maximum number of players at a table will be 10.
  • When there are more than 10 players in the game, additional tables will be used as appropriate, determined by the House.
  • The House may determine to use additional tables for a head count less than 10.
  • The method of collapsing tables will default to the following standard unless the House determines otherwise.
  • As a standard, when the difference between the largest and smallest table becomes 2 seats (or more in the case of multiple players knocked out in a hand), one player will be selected to move from the larger table to the smaller one.
  • As soon as the need for a player move occurs, the larger table continues the hand currently in play and then determines the First to Act after the Bring-In/Blinds for the next hand. This is the player to move to the smaller table.
  • When the player to move is identified, they will move to the recently vacated seat. If two or more seats vacated at the same time, the player moving will take the seat closest to the dealer in the new hand.
  • The clock and all play will stop for the duration of the player shift.

Home Poker Tourney is by far the best source of any-and-all things poker related online. We are fans of this site and recommend it greatly for anyone looking for reference for anything poker-related. This league was greatly shaped around information found there. If you haven't been there before, we highly suggest you visit and take a look. The layout is old-school, and the amount of information can be almost overwhelming, but once you get used to how he has everything organized you will find a serious font of knowledge and useful information.

Well played, nutN2Lewz. Well played.

Blinds Schedules

Every game is different and subject to alteration, but CB!PL tends to use a standard set of blinds that we have found through trial and error work well for us.

CB!PL's Standard Blinds:

Texas Hold'Em
$5 Frenzy (Texas Hold'Em Event)