Standard Season

As a general rule, there are ten Season games each year, followed by a Champions Tourney. These ten games are considered to be THE season, with all other games falling outside of that. The Champions Tourney is a Non-Season Event, the results of the game do not affect the Season standings in any way. While all CB!PL members and guests are invited to sit in any season game, the Champions Tourney is invite-only. The seat is earned based on season standings (as of 2015, by ranking in the top eight for the season).

Non-Season Events

Besides the yearly Champions Tourney, there are occasionally other games formally scheduled by CB!PL. These may range from simple cash games to special events such as 2013's Friday the 13th Studtacular.

Select Non-Season Events will have stats kept, but not all of them. For example, stats will not be kept for cash games or "intro nights" (where we set up small buy-in games and play slow for new players to get the hang of the game in a low-pressure environment). For those Non-Season Events that are tracked, those stats will be kept separate from the main Season stats. More detail can be found on the Player Pages.


CB!PL 2016 Schedule

Schedules and details below are tentative and subject to change. Please refer to official invites for all game dates, times, and locations.

Past Schedules